Santa Bookings

I am available to hire as Santa Claus / Father Christmas for your event. This could be for a club Christmas party, school visit or fete etc. 

I have my own Santa suit. I also have my own Rudolph puppet and waist microphone (when needed). 

A couple of notes; I will need somewhere to change into and out-of the costume at the venue, out of sight of any guests. 

If booking me to be Santa after the magic show, know that I will need to put the show away before getting changed, which takes around ten minutes. The children could be eating during this time, but it is something that needs to be factored into the planning. 

I will need two chairs. One for Santa and one for the child. 

Please tell the parents to turn off "Flash" on their phones and cameras. I love photos, but the flash when directed into anyones eyes from just one metre away will end the event as both me and the child will be blind for at least ten minutes afterwards and I will need escorting outside the room to hopefully recourerate.    

If you want me to provide presents, I give away my "Amazing Puzzles" book. They are just £1 each.  These will be unwrapped. 


I only work in the Stockport / Manchester area. 

For one-off club Christmas party bookings, my prices are the same as booking me for my magic and puppet show; any length upto one-hour is £185.

Some clubs hire me to perform my Christmas magic and puppet show in the first hour. Then while the children eat, I pack the show away and get changed into Santa. I then return after they have finished eating to give away the presents. This is usually a two-hour booking which is £250 (depending on the number of children that need to see Santa). 

Three hours will includes party games after the show / before the food is £300. 

I also work other events like Christmas Fairs, full days on a farm, breakfast with Santa etc. Contact me to enquiry. 


1) If there is a Christmas tree in the room, try and put it near where Santa will be. Its adds background to all the photographs. 

2) The best place to be sat is under a light. Some venues I've been in have been VERY dark, but flash still cannot be used for safety reasons. If your venue has bad lighting; consider bringing your desk lamps from home and shining them from above.

3) Please provide a large glass of water for Santa (or Cola) and a straw so he can drink it through the beard. He will be talking with three different voices (himself, Santa and Rudolph) for several hours. He must remain healthy!  

4) If a helper (or elf) could have hand-gel ready to apply to Rudolph's nose, it would be appreciated. Children love to grab it. So it's wise to sanitize it often.