Magic Club Lecture

Magic Club Lecture (2024 onwards)

I have a variety of lectures you can choose from, that I can present at your magic club. 

Anyone with a smartphone will also receive a free magic app I created and they will be able to perform the trick within seconds of being shown. Its amazing - you'll just have to trust me!


I have my own PA and headset microphone. I also have my own projector. I can bring my own screen as well, but if your venue already has one, please let me know as it's a big thing to lug around!

My magic club lecture fee is £250. If travelling far, accommodation might also be required. However I'm happy to sleep on a members sofa to save money. 

I don't like driving long distances; so if you are on the other side of the country I might need picking up from a nearby train station. Best thing is to email me and we can see what is possible:


Multiple time magic champion and the 2023 Magician of the Year (for the Manchester Circle of Magicians). His YouTube channel has over 300 videos and 5000 subscribers and he is currently performing around the world on cruise ships throughout the year. He is the author of over 20 books and 30 educational DVDs and also has a great haircut...