Circus Skills

Circus Skills Workshop

Circus skills workshops are great for school events, fundays and parties. They begin with a brief demonstration of all the skills on offer, along with a quick introduction on how to perform that particular activity.

For school events, the different skills are placed at particular locations around the room, as stations. The children are then divided into groups of four or five and sent to a station where they attempt that activities for the duration of a song. At the conclusion of the song; they move around the room to the next station where they try the next skill. Once all the skills have been attempted, the children can go to whichever activity they prefer.

For small groups, the children are left to attempt whatever activity they wish to practice, while Stephen goes around the room, helping the children develop that particular skill.

The skills taught include: Plate Spinning, Peacock Feather Balancing, Juggling Silks, Juggling Balls, Trick-Sticks, Yo Sticks, Pogo Jumpers, Kendama, Flying Discs, Balance Hooks, Diablo, Hula Hoops, Yo Yo's, Bucket Stilts, Stilt Walking and Wobble Boards.

The best skills will be selected for your event depending on ceiling height, amount of space, severity of wind, age of the children, number of participants etc.  

Circus skills workshops do require space to practice in and are best in open spaces like school and village halls. The workshop can cater for up to 50 children (based on the amount of equipment available) and usually last for an hour. Adults and teachers are also encouraged to try the activities themselves.   

A one-hour workshop is £185. Full Day events have a different pricing structure. Contact me with your requirements for a more accurate quote.