I can provide either one-on-one magic lessons, or group workshops for upto 100 people.

This can be in your home, in the school hall or  classroom, scout group, at a club meeting or on a big stage. 

The effects taught will include mind-reading a selected colour, restoring a broken piece of string, suspending a banknote off the finger or producing a magic wand. The tricks will be based on learners ages, number in attendance and space available.

I will also accommodate the lesson to match the intention. For example; if this a one-on-one lesson for an adult who likes card tricks or bar bets - I can focus on those types of tricks. 

If it is a Scouts meeting; I can focus on more group activities like making a hole appear in their hand or making their legs feel like they are melting through the floor. 

On average; they learn around ten tricks in the hour.  

All the props that are required to perform the tricks are given away to the learners to keep and continue practicing with at home.

I can teach a group of children for a birthday party, brownies, cubs and scout groups, adults for team-building, members of a Rotary, U3A or WI club or an entire school class as a reward. 

I have eight different one-hour lessons available for weekly sessions or after-school clubs.  

For groups; A one-hour workshop is usually £185. Or two lessons back to back is £250. Contact me for the price for an all-day event or for multiple lessons over several weeks. 

The cost for one-on-one individual tuition varies depending on travel distance and the day you wish to book; please contact me to get a quote and learn more.  

Weekly After School Club / Daily Holiday Club

I also provide courses in magic that cover a variety of magic types with ten structured lessons, with an accompanying PowerPoint, followed by personal teachings to help the students develop in the areas that interest them (e.g. card tricks, mentalism, sleight-of-hand, math effects etc.)

Lesson 1: String, Crayons and Bands

Lesson 2: Packet Card Tricks

Lesson 3: Number Magic

Lesson 4: Full Deck Card Tricks

Lesson 5: Body Magic

Lesson 6: Money Magic

Lesson 7: Ring Tricks

Lesson 8: More Body Magic

Lesson 9: Math Magic

Lesson 10: Bar Bets

Each lesson lasts approximately an hour but can be shorter or longer depending on how many are in attendance. 

All the props for all the tricks throughout the entire course are given away to the students to keep and perform with.

All the workshops are suitable for all ages, adults and children (over the age of 5). However when teaching very young children, certain workshops like the ones with numbers may be left out the syllabus as they would not be able to perform the (simple) calculations. I would gage what I believe is possible from the first lesson. 

When working very large groups of (40+) the Body Magic Workshops I feel are best as everyone gets to experience the magic at the same time. 

The cost of weekly sessions will vary on a variety of factors but to give a rough idea; eight weeks of one-hour lessons in a nearby primary school (one term) would likely be £800.