Lock Boxes

I have personally built two portable "Lock Boxes". These are portable escape rooms type games. 

Both are suitable for smaller parties, like adult dinner parties. 

1) Diamond Heist 

This is a large box (with an accompanying bag) that is secured with padlocks. You have to decipher the clues on the outside to get into the box. Once inside there are even more puzzles to solve to get into the inner box. 

There are many padlocks involved where you need to find the key or combination. The second layer has multiple puzzles that can be dispensed between the group if wanted. So that everyone will be doing something and one expert doesn't solve everything by themselves!

There are a couple of colourful puzzles that children can solve. If they are playing, I will point these out (to stop the adults doing them) so they can contribute in the game. 

The average playtime is 50 minutes. It really depends on how many players are involved and how much experience they have. One group did it in 30 minutes, while another took over 90 minutes. The group that did it in 30, had ten players all of which had done lots of escape rooms. 

Like an escape room, four players is usually an ideal number but I have no limit. Often the enthusiasts take control and others just sit and watch, offering suggestions if they notice  something.    

2) Space Adventure

This is a narrative driven game, with all the puzzles themed around Astronomy and the moon landings. 

I believe this game is best played with just a few participants. 

Most the puzzles overlap in some way and is a game that you play together and follow the narrative (unlike the diamond heist which is more random puzzles that each need to be solved individually). 

For both games, I stand at the side and only offer hints when needed or requested. I sometimes play a 60-minute timer with background music to help the atmosphere.  

I've recently updated the Diamond Heist so that it can be played without me in attendance. One person will be handed a hint and answer pack that can be referred to if needed (but hopefully won't be). This is useful if you wanted to hire the box for the night and don't know what time you will be playing. I can drop it off and collect it on another day. 

I do advise the games be played on a carpet to avoid the boxes scratching any wooden floors. 


If you are local to Stockport and its on a weeknight, I can be very accommodating. It's best to email me and with your postcode and date and I can send you a quote.