Close-Up Magic

Close-up walkaround and table magic is often the highlight of any event. Amongst my repertoire is the ability to bend a metal fork, solve a Rubik's cube in seconds, complete a Sudoku in under a minute, perform sleight-of-hand with a ring, turn lottery tickets into money, mesmerize them with card tricks and read the mind of your guests. 

Most of what I perform is large and visual, so it can be seen across an entire table of guests. However I also have effects that take place in their hands for those special moments with just a few spectators.  

During the arrival time, I usually walk around the room entertaining your guests with intimate magic such as coin illusions or ring manipulation.  

When performing table entertainment, I visit each table in-between courses and perform larger tricks that everyone around the table can see and join in with, such as metal bending or giant three-card monte.

Depending on the nature of the event, I can also provide a small parlour show for the entire room after the meal. 

I was the President of the Manchester Circle of Magicians for 2022 and was voted their Magician of the Year for 2018 and 2023. I also won their Close-Up Magic competitions in 2010 & 2012. 

I have performed at many celebrity parties including Wayne Rooney, Rio Ferdinand, Liverpool Football club and at the Manchester City Football Club Championship winning party for their entire team.

I often perform at corporate dinner parties, restaurants, weddings, parties, festivals and events. 

Within the Stockport and Manchester area; I charge £185 for the first hour, £250 for two-hours with each additional hour £50 thereafter.