Balloon Modelling

Amazing Stephen has been Balloon Modelling since 1996 and has produced several products teaching others of his designs. He developed his skills when he was hired as the full time resident modeler where his job was to make balloons sculptures every day for three straight years. He can now make any model with his eyes close, hands behind his back while spinning on the spot!

I have devised many new shapes and models and can make almost anything requested including Dogs, Ladybirds, Swords, Cats, Horses, Spider-man, Batman, Pokémon, Parrots, Rabbits, Mouse, Turtle, Butterfly, Heart, Hats, Plane, Helicopter amongst many others.

I am often hired at shopping centres, grand openings and events to make balloons for all the guests. I have been known to make over 300 models in a single day!

I use menu boards to allow the children to choose the design they want. I have a large A1 display frame menu or portable one which I wear around my neck.

Prices vary depending on travel distance, and when your event is. Usually I charge £185 for one hour, £250 for two-hours, with each subsequent hour £50 thereafter. Allowing you to book me for however long you need.

Balloon Modelling Workshops

I also offers Balloon Modelling workshops where I teach children and adults how to make simple designs such as a dog, cat, rabbit, giraffe and sword. These workshops normally last for an hour and are better suited to small groups. I provide all the balloons, pumps and tuition and they get to take home all the balloons that they make.