Magic & Puppet Show

One Hour Magic & Puppet Show

My comedy magic and puppet show features talking puppets, amazing magic, circus skills and lots of audience participation. It is very comedic with jokes and offers lots of opportunities for children to join me on stage and help within a routine.

I choose the best magic and puppets for your audience. For example I have a Unicorn and Mermaid puppet for girl parties and a crocodile and monkey puppet for boy parties. After the age of 9, I tend to do more sophisticated magic such as solving a Rubik's cube and bending a metal fork with my mind. I pick what works best for your children.

The tricks will include show-pieces performed to music such as manipulating stars that change colour, linking hula-hoops together or bending a metal fork with our mind! Several children will get to participate in the show by finding the missing piece of a jigsaw puzzle or making pictures appear in a book. The show often concludes with a big group dance routine with everyone joining in

My show can be performed for a small group of children from the age of two or for an entire school of over 500 children. I can adapt to fit in the living room of your home, village halls or on the school stage. 

Any birthday children are often first to come up and help within the show, upon which I make them a balloon animal. Numbers permitting I try and make sure everyone gets a balloon at the end of the show.  

The one-hour show in the Stockport / Manchester area is £185 (as of February 2024).

Full Two-Hour Party Package

In the full two-hour party package I take over all the entertainment throughout the entire party.

We usually begins with hula hoop games as the children arrive before I gather everyone together to sit down and watch the magic & puppet show. The show is described above and will take us to the halfway point, usually ending with a big dance number so you know when to start putting out the food. 

While they are eating at the dinner table, I will put away a few of the tricks before heading to the table myself to make balloon animals for each of them (numbers permitting). If there are more than 20 children; there simply isn't enough time to get to everyone and so we play a guess the theme song game with them instead. 

After they have finished eating I gather everyone back at the show area for the birthday cake. I will try and follow this up with a big group photograph if possible. 

If this is a Christening or other event; I can happily perform two-hours straight through (with no food break). I will play more games and quizzes and keep them entertained throughout. I might be able to make balloon animals for them all towards the end; but it would depend on the numbers and if I feel it would enhance the party. Since I can only make one balloon at a time, the other children need something to do. Sometimes it's better for me to play games with all the children together rather than entertain just one child at a time making a single balloon. 

We then proceed with disco party games, which might include Musical Bumps, Musical Statues, Birthday Boss, Colour Corners, Hula Hoop Squash, Parachute Games, Scavenger Hunt, The Conga, Limbo and Pass-the-Parcel. Along with dancing routines where I show them the dance moves and they perform them with me. 

The games we play will be chosen based on their age, number of children participating and space available. These games are played differently to avoid eliminations, keeping all the children involved throughout the party.

I provide all the prizes, the pass-the-parcel, balloons, music and equipment for all the games.

The two hour party package in the Stockport / Manchester area is £250 (as of February 2024).


Three hours with Circus Skills

The three-hour package will start with everything that's included in the one and two-hour show.

In the third hour, I bring out some of my Circus Skills equipment which includes Hula Hoops, Kendama, Flower Sticks, Plate-Spinning, Wobble boards, Yo-Sticks, Peacock Feathers, Spinning Discs, Stilts and other activities. I will choose the best activities for your groups ages and space available.  

While the children are practicing the various skills; I go around the room demonstrating them and helping the children learn some of the basic tricks.  

The three hour package in the Stockport / Manchester area is £300 (as of February 2024)

I work all around the Manchester and Stockport area. Including the surrounding areas like Warrington, Bolton, Chester, Oldham, Bury, Altrincham etc.

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