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Prices (February 2024)

For all bookings; there is a £50 deposit required with the remaining balance due on the day, before starting the show. 

Do you have a limit on the number of children? 

Invite as many as you like, I have no limit. The only difference it makes is whether I can make balloon animals for them all. For example, if there are over 30 children present, it would take too long and we would play party games instead. Basically it takes 1 minute per balloon.  

Do you provide the prizes? 

Yes. The prizes vary depending on what I have in stock at the time. But usually include a magic wand, my own Magic book or my Amazing Puzzles book.

Do you provide the Pass-The-Parcel?

Yes. But note we rarely play this game. It is a game for the very young and children older that 5 usually prefer more dancing competition games. I usually only bring it out when there is not enough space for the action games. 

How do I find out if your available?

Please email me with your event date, the time, and the area your venue is in. I can then check to see if I am free. My email is

Could you hold a date for me?

No. I never hold dates or "pencil" things in. I am often asked to reserve a date while they try to find a venue. Unfortunately when they don't find anywhere; they forget to inform me and I am left in limbo, turning away clients that want to book. For this reason, no date is reserved until I have sent the booking confirmation and received the deposit. 

Where can we see you perform?

I have around 100 performance videos on YouTube here:

Which areas do you cover?

I am based in Heald Green, Stockport. Near Manchester. However, I work all around the North West of England. Primarily I take on private bookings within a 30-mile radius of Stockport. This includes all of Greater Manchester, Warrington, Bolton, Hyde, Macclesfield, Alderley Edge etc. 

Why should we book you?

I have over twenty-five years of experience, as evidenced with the many five-star reviews on various websites and multiple performance videos you can watch. 

I was the 2022 President of the Manchester Circle of Magicians, and was voted their 2018 and 2023 Magician of the Year. 

I host my own YouTube channel with over 300 videos and have written over 20 books on performing and 30 educational DVD's teaching my tricks to magicians all around the world.

I have won four magic competitions including the North West Championships. 

I was also a secondary school teacher with three degrees including a Masters. 

While there might be other performers in the world; there is only one Amazing Stephen. 

What age-range do you cater for?

I am a family-based entertainer and so my show is suitable for all ages. The shows themselves are adapted at the event for your audience based on several factors. Not just ages, but also number of people attending, where they are sat, the party theme, along with working outside, in a hall or on a stage. 

When working with 2–5-year-olds, I usually include more ventriloquist puppet routines with my Turtle, Unicorn and Monkey. The magic is more visual and comedic. 

When working with 6–9-year-olds we can do more magic such as metal bending, linking hula hoops and ring manipulation. We usually end with a big dance number as well. 

When working 10–13-year-olds, I tend to do more puzzle-based routines such as solving a Rubik’s' cube and predicting the future. 

For children older than this I usually do a magic workshop instead, where I teach tricks and give them the props to perform for friends and family at home. 

My adult show contains math-based routines such as solving a Sudoku puzzle in under a minute and the arm guillotine illusion.