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About Stephen

I provide magic & puppet shows at parties, christenings, weddings, schools and festivals throughout Stockport and Manchester. 


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I can provide close-up magic for all your guests during the reception and photographs, table magic inbetween the courses of the meal, a children's show during the speeches and a cabaret magic show for the evening entertainment. 


There are several key moments when I am asked to perform which include: 

Wedding1While the photos are taken

While the Bride & Groom have their pictures taken, I entertain all the other guests in the reception area.

Often becoming the ice-breaker; I demonstrate metal bending, ring manipulation and other intimate magic which happens in their own hands.


Close 1During the meal

In-between courses, I will perform at the tables. The effects will include bigger tricks such as jumbo three-card-monte and passing a ring through a rope, so that everyone at that table can join in as a group and witness the magic together. I will also perform several special tricks for the Bride & Groom along with all the guests on the top table.


Close Up MagicDuring the Speeches - For the Children

If there are lots of children at your wedding; it is often a good idea to have me perform a special magic and puppet show just for them in a side-room, while the speeches are taking place. The show is adaptable to the audience and space available, so that everyone from toddlers to teenagers can enjoy the performance. It lasts up to an hour and will contain ventriloquism, lots of audience participation and illusions. I can then organize party games for them for the second hour if appropriate. 

For more details about my services for children, please read the description on the Birthday Party page.  


Close Up MagicThe Golden Hour

After the wedding breakfast there is usually an hour's gap before the evening festivities. I will often perform additional magic effects or make personalized balloon animals (if appropriate) for all the guests. I can also perform numerous walkabout puzzle effects where I might solve a Rubik's cube, or complete a Sudoku puzzle in under a minute.


Close Up MagicEvening Entertainment - Adult Magic Cabaret Show

Many weddings guests do not like dancing and have instead hired me to perform my adult magic cabaret show. The show usually lasts 50 minutes and contains ten effects examining manipulation, levitation and speed-calculating. The show is suitable for the entire family, however some of the effects require reading a word from a book, adding up numbers, or pretending to cut off a volunteers hand - so its is best suitable for adults. The length of the show can be shortened to fit in with any other event as needed. 


Close Up MagicEvening Quiz

For smaller weddings or those without any music; I can also provide my services as a quiz games master. Your guests are split into small groups and have to answer questions, feel what's in the bag, solve challenges, unscramble the anagram, identify the chocolate bar without the wrapper, complete picture puzzles and other fun activities. All from the comfort of their chair. There are often six rounds, containing ten questions in each round. The quiz often lasts an hour but more rounds can be added to make it longer as needed.



Close Up MagicEvery event is different in regards to the number of guests, type of entertainment required, travelling distance, and if overnight accommodation is needed. So I cannot provide an accurate quote without knowing what it is you need.

To give you some idea, prices start from £225 for two-hours of magic in the Stockport area.

A £50 deposit is required to reserve the timeslot upon making the booking; with the rest payable either before or on the day.

Please contact me for a more accurate quote based on what you want at your event.

Testimonials and reviews for my shows can be found on my Testimonial page along with Netmums, Google Businesses and Facebook.