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About Stephen

I provide magic & puppet shows at parties, christenings, weddings, schools and festivals throughout Stockport and Manchester. 


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Quiz MasterStephen is a puzzle practitioner, historian and writer. With a key focus on performing world-record breaking demonstrations. Each lecture in the series focuses on four different puzzles exploring their origins, records,  achievements, controversies and solutions. Each chapter is concluded with a live demonstration for a magical conclusion!

They are all presented in a professional, light-hearted, humorous manor with lots of interesting stories throughout. They are all accompanied by a PowerPoint and include audience involvement during the performances.
I started guest speaking in 2016 at Rotary Clubs, Women's Institutes, U3A, Over 50's groups, Probus, Luncheon meetings and Retirement Homes. In 2018, I completed my first engagement as speaker for the Fred Olsen Balmoral Cruise ship, providing six different lectures on puzzles for the guests.

All my talks are suitable for any size of audience. I bring my own projector, screen, computer, leads, microphone and PA.
Each talk lasts between 45-50 minutes but can be adapted to fit your schedule. I will have a small selection of my books for sale at the end.
Talk 1. History of Popular Puzzles - Explore the origins of popular puzzles such as the Rubik Cube, Sudoku, Jigsaw and Word search. Followed by a live speed demonstration of each puzzle.

Talk 2. Summing Up the Words - An examination into the creation of Where's Wally, Crossword, 15 Slide Puzzle and Codewords. Followed by live performances with a magical twist!
Talk 3. The Crazy World of Mazes and other Conundrums - Explore the origin of Mazes, Tangram Puzzles, Vanishing Mathematical Paradox, Rubik Twist and Memory Games.
Talk 4. History of Optical Illusions - I look at how our eyes are deceived through art, construction, fashion, camouflage and advertising. Featuring stories about how our eyes can be fooled through trickery and depth perception techniques.
Talk 5. Exploring New Horizons - Discover the mystery of famous Treasure Hunts, the history of Anagrams, the mathematical conundrum that is the Magic Square and the dark history of IQ Tests.
Talk 6. Incredible Creations - Be thrilled as we explore some popular art forms such as Balloon Modeling, Silhouette Cutting, Origami ad House of Cards. Learn their origins, achievements and stories, followed by a spectacular demonstration of each skill!

Talk 7. The Man Who Could Not Lose
- Explore the history of four popular games: Blackjack, Solitare, Tic Tac Toe and Escape Rooms. Then be amazed as Stephen wins all these games with a live performance.
Talk 8. Proposition Bets - An enjoyable challenge and answer workshop where the audience is invited to find solutions to problem solving type games.  

Talk 9. Stories from the Life of a Magician - Enjoy a collection of amusing anecdotes from my career as a magician. Such as the time I caused three fire engines to turn up, or when the head guillotine illusion went wrong! This light hearted presentation will also have a few tricks along the way.
Talk 10. The Writing Process - Writing advice, tips and guidelines all structured to a letter of the alphabet. We examine several of my books and publications; the process of going from notes to draft, storyboard, editing and publication.

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Cost & Availability

I work approximately 30 miles around Stockport and Greater Manchester. A weekday club talk between January and November is £65.