Puzzle Box Challenge


The Puzzle Box challenge is a new attraction for 2019. It features a large box, with puzzles and clues around it. Solving the puzzles will reveal a code, that will open a lock leading to an inner box. The goal is to reach the prize in the middle before the 60 minute timer runs out.

The challenge is similar to an escape room, however the entire game is self-contained within the box itself. I come to your home and introduce the box, the story and the rules. Then step back to let you solve the puzzles, only offering hints and clues when absolutely necessary. 

The game can be played solo, but is more fun in small groups. It takes place in your home, often in the lounge. The puzzles are aimed at adults, but is suitable for anyone over 10 years of age. 

This is commonly booked for adult dinner parties. Either as a stand-alone event or as a follow-up to the magic cabaret show.


The Moon Landing Challenge

Two strange containers and a briefcase has been found in a storage locker. Its your job to open all three and deduce what's inside!

This is more narratively driven than the puzzle box, with less brain-teaser logic puzzles and more following the clues from place to place, leading to the dramatic conclusion. The game takes approximately 50 minutes to complete and is best played in small groups.