Magic Workshop


Magc WorkshopI have been performing magic lessons and workshops at birthday parties, schools and after-school clubs since 2007.

I ran my own magic school in America and have written numerous books and DVDs on the art of teaching magic to complete beginners.  


Introduction to Magic Workshop

Magic WorkshopThe introduction to magic workshop lasts around 60 minutes where I teach around ten simple tricks that can be performed with very little practice.

 All the props that are required to perform the tricks are given away to the learners to keep and continue practicing with at home.

The effects taught will include feeling colours, restoring a broken piece of string and making your legs melt through the floor. The tricks taught will be based on the students ages, number in attendance and space available.

I can teach a group of children for a party, brownies, cubs and scout groups, adults for team-building, the members of a Rotary, U3A or WI club or an entire school class as a reward. It can be done in your home, function room, classroom or village halls.


A Full Day in a School

Magic WorkshopEvery school event is different depending on the age and number of children attending. Usually they start with a full magic & puppet show for the entire school during assembly.

This is then followed by one or two classes at a time that come into the hall throughout the day to participate in the magic workshop. Most workshops last around 55 minutes, with a five minute gap between sessions to conclude the class and allow the groups to swap over.

To best make use of my time, its wiser to be in the same location throughout the day. If the hall is used for lunch, that has to factor into the structure of the day as dinner ladies often like to set-up the tables early, and the floor usually requires time to dry after being cleaned. 


After-School Clubs

Magic WorkshopMost after-school club courses last eight weeks, with one lesson each week. However you can book as many lessons as you require. The maximum number of children is 40 in each class.

He adapts each lesson so that it is the most suitable for your school, depending on the age of the children and number of students in attendance.

When performing a weekly magic class, each class will be structured around a different area of magic.

Week 1: An introduction to magic
Week 2: Sleight of hand
Week 3: Card Tricks
Week 4: Ring and Money Magic
Week 5: Simple Toys
Week 6: Mind-Reading
Week 7: Impromptu Magic
Week 8: Illusions

Most of the props required for the tricks are given to the children to continue practicing at home. The price will vary depending on travelling distance, contact me for info.


One-on-One Personal Tuition

Workshop 1I can also provide personal tuition for you to learn magic. This can focus on a particular area such as cards, mind-reading, gambling cons or bar bets. If you have a goal in mind like winning a talent show or impressing mates down the pub, I can tailor the lesson to suit your needs. 

 It is often booked as a birthday present or as a reward. You are welcome to book a series of sessions or just a single lesson.

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