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I have written over 26 books and produced over 30 educational Magic DVDs. All of which were once for sale in my shop. However I have sold out of most products and am simply selling the remaining stock. If you wish to acquire any of my old stock, email me and I can help you out.

The following are items I have left for sale. Some are down to just one copy left so I have removed all shopping cart buttons, and request you email me first so that I can check I have stock available. I can then send you a PayPal link to purchase them. Thank you for your custom.


Marketing Magic - Book & DVD

How to run a Magic Workshop - DVD Boxset

Everything I know about being a children's entertainer - Book

Ring Tricks - DVD

Traffic Lights - Props and DVD

The Key Project - Props and DVD

Amazing Puzzles, Amazing Bar Bets, Amazing Magic & Carnival Games Exposed - 4 Book Bundle



Marketing Magic: A Guide to Getting the Gigs - Book & DVD

This book examines all the markets, promotional material, S.E.O., advertising methods and business strategies in finding, getting and keeping work as a professional magician. 

It includes the full 723 page book, as an A4 size hardback book and a DVD lasting 2 hours, 25 minutes discussing some of the various chapters within the book that Stephen feels are the most important.

He reveals everything from how much performers are paid, how to get the elusive jobs, links to the relevant websites and agents responsible for recruiting along with a yearly breakdown on what months to market to particular groups and societies to maximize getting the gigs.   

In the 20 years he has been performing professionally. He has been an illusionist, close-up magician, children's entertainer, bar magician, cabaret artist, agent and public speaker. He has almost done it all and he is now ready to reveal all his secrets so that you too can make a living as an entertainer in any facet of the entertainment industry. 

The physical book is only available from this website while stocks last.
Promotional Material
1.     The Marketing Map
2.     Stage Name
3.     Logos
4.     Leaflets
5.     Colour Branding & Costume
6.     Business Cards
7.     Roller Banners
8.     Branded Giveaways
9.     Free Party Invitations
10.  A-Frame Boards
11.  Brochure / Flyer
12.  Party Tips Flyer
13.  £10 Discount Voucher
14.  Sign Writing Your Car
15.  Personalised License Plates
16.  Profile Photos
17.  Show Pictures
18.  Celebrity Photographs
19.  Promo Videos
20.  Colouring Page of Yourself
21.  Branded Clothing
22.  Unique Selling Points
Your Website
23.  Building a Website
24.  Mobile Websites
25.  Prices on your Website
26.  Written and Video Testimonials
27.  Availability Calendars
28.  Venue Hire Web Page
29.  Entertainers Database Software
30.  Email Bulk Messaging Software
31.  Money Back Guarantee
Online Presence
32.  S.E.O. (Search Engine Optimisation)
33.  Google Adwords
34.  Bing
35.  Netmums & Google Businesses
36.  Free Listing Websites
37.  Getting Reviews
38.  Facebook Fan Pages
39.  Facebook Pay to Advertise
40.  Twitter / Instagram etc.
41.  LinkedIn
42.  Google Alerts
43.  Using Social Media
44.  Leaflet Drops
45.  Wall Planners, Posters & Magazines
46.  Newspapers
47.  Local Magazines
48.  National Magazines
49.  Parenting & School Magazines
50.  Free Telephone Directories
51.  Yellow Pages
53.  Party Pop and others
54.  Text Enquiries via a Website
55.  Telephone Number Blocking
56.  Adverting on Television
57.  Advertising on the Radio
58.  Post Office Screens
59.  Giant Roadside Billboards
60.  Advertising on Buses
61.  Religious Holidays
62.  E-mails & Letters to Schools
63.  Library Shows
64.  Letters to Pubs
65.  Advertising to Hotels
66.  Department Stores & Supermarkets
67.  Advertising to Sport Clubs
68.  Websites at ToysRUs
Ways to Get the Work
69.  Recommendations
70.  Getting a Referral
71.  Wedding Fairs & Bridal Shops
72.  Shopping Centre Busking
73.  Charity Shows
74.  Network Meetings
75.  Cold Calling
76.  Staying Behind to Network
77.  Hair Salons
78.  Host your own Funday
79.  Agents
80.  Beware of the Agency Scam
81.  Magic Gigs Websites
82.  Talent Agencies
83.  Hot Leads through Hired Venues
84.  Setting up a Competition
85.  Personalised Tricks for Clients
86.  Party & Event Planners
87.  Free Phone Numbers
88.  Call Divert
89.  Follow-Up Telephone Calls
90.  Handling Telephone Enquiries
91.  Handling E-Mail Enquiries
92.  Publicity Stunts
93.  Using Public Venue Shows
94.  Facebook Group Posting
95.  Referrals from Entertainers
96.  Breaking into Television
97.  Networking in Church
98.  The Job Centre
99.  Letters to Restaurants
The Markets
100.                Residencies: What to Charge
101.                Residencies: Finding the work
102.                Residencies: Keeping the Gig
103.                Premier League Football Clubs
104.                Mobile Stationary Magic Bar
105.                Hen and Stag Nights
106.                Bar Hustling
107.                Working a Nightclub
108.                Bar Magic
109.                Graduations, Proms & Colleges
110.                Cruise Ship Close-Up
111.                One on One Magic Tuition
112.                Going into Schools
113.                Full Day Enrichment Class
114.                After School Clubs
115.                Over 60's Clubs
116.                Magic Workshop Lecture Notes
117.                Summer Camps
118.                Scout and Brownie Camps
Public Speaking
119.                Women Institutes & Rotary Clubs
120.                Speaking on Cruise Ship
121.                Magic Club Lectures
Children's Show
122.                Children's Birthday Parties
123.                Ferry Entertainment
124.                Working with Photographers
125.                Theme Park Shows
126.                Cruise Ships
127.                Summer Camps
128.                Caravan Parks
129.                Agricultural, Animal & Flower Shows
130.                Park Events
131.                Hospital Giggle Doctors
132.                Being Santa
133.                Santa's Grotto Entertainment
134.                Lapland Flight to Meet Santa
135.                Cinema Kids Club
136.                Blue Coat Holiday Parks
137.                Circus Skills Clubs
138.                Party Host at Food Restaurant 
139.                TV Show Warm-Up
140.                Halloween Safety Show
141.                Car Dealerships
Staff Training
142.                Balloon Modeling Training
143.                Team Building Sessions
144.                Persuasion Seminars
145.                Towel Folding Classes
146.                Magician Master-Classes
147.                Magician's UK Lecture Tour
148.                Magician's US Lecture Tour
Adult Cabaret
149.                Rural Touring Booking Agents
150.                The Casino Circuit
151.                Edinburgh Festival
152.                Comedy Festivals
153.                Corporate Magic
154.                Rehearsal Opportunities
155.                Hiring a Theatre
156.                Club Med Working Holiday
157.                Trade Shows
158.                Cruise Ship Cabaret
159.                Comedy Clubs
160.                Weddings
161.                Adult Birthday Parties
162.                Cocktail Evenings / Retirement Parties
163.                Gospel Magic
164.                Christmas Light Switch On
165.                Magic Festivals
166.                Disability Groups
167.                Retirement Homes
168.                Holiday Park Circuit
169.                Hotel Parlour Shows
170.                Golf, Conservatives & Pubs
171.                Magic Club Dinners
172.                Busking with Adult Magic
173.                Ghost Walks
174.                Séances / Ghost Spirit Shows
175.                Touring the UK with your Show
176.                The Illusionist Super Show
177.                Being an Illusionist
Side Selling
178.                Opening a Magic Shop
179.                Face-Painting
180.                Bouncy Castle Hire
181.                Toastmaster
182.                Magic Bus Parties
183.                Quiz Master at a Wedding
184.                Sell Quiz Pack
185.                Buying and Selling Magic
186.                Becoming an Agency
187.                YouTube Video Series
188.                Opening a Magic Bar
189.                Psychic & Palm Readings
190.                Punch and Judy
191.                Selling Balloons
192.                Party Bags
193.                Selling Your DVD
194.                BOR Back-of-the-Room Selling
195.                Taking on an Apprentice
196.                Wedding Add-Ons
197.                Writing and Selling Books
198.                Convention Circuit
Specialised Shows
199.                Lost Luggage Show
200.                Educational Magic
201.                Reading Show
202.                Summer Reading Themes
203.                Safety Show
204.                Healthy Eating Show
205.                Recycling Show
206.                Applying for a Grant or Sponsorship
The Plunge
207.                Part Time Limitations
208.                Quitting Your Job
209.                Time Spent Marketing
210.                Increase your Age Range
211.                Inner City Parking
212.                Remembering your Name
213.                The Group Photograph
214.                Standing Ovations
215.                After-Show Giveaways
216.                Thank-You E-Mails
217.                Surveys & Feedback Questionnaires
Pricing and Business
218.                Adult Cabaret Prices
219.                Children's Entertainers Prices
220.                Adult Close-Up Prices
221.                Looking At Our Competitors
222.                $100,000 Magic Show
223.                Deposits
224.                Repeat Customers
225.                Midweek Show Prices
226.                Working on Christmas Day
227.                Confirmations / Invoices
228.                CRB, DBS & PL Insurance
229.                PAT Testing
230.                Risk Assessment
231.                Limiting Travel Distance
232.                Milking your Clients
Life Lessons
233.                How Long to Fill the Diary
234.                Telling the World
235.                Think positive
236.                Taking a Holiday and Burnout
237.                Magic Competitions
238.                Joining a Magic Club
239.                Changing the Tricks
240.                Conclusion
241.                Other Marketing Resources
242.                Free Podcasts

723 Pages, A4 size. Ariel 12 font, Single line spacing with narrow margins - so jammed packed with no padding!

Available as a Physical Book & DVD with free postage
or Download links (sent within 24 hours)

Six copies left. Reduced to £50. Email me at for PayPal details.



How to run a Magic Workshop - DVD Boxset

Have you ever wanted to earn more money during the week? Have you ever been asked to teach someone magic but didn't know what tricks to show them?
This DVD set will show you all the tricks to teach children and adults in groups or in private lessons. Maximizing profits and storage space to offer informative classes that keep the students coming back for more.
From summer camps to after-school clubs, adult courses to reward shows - teaching magic is a huge money-earner and this DVD set reveals all the secrets you need to know.
DVD 1 - Live Magic Workshops 2015
   Workshop 1: 1 hour, 12 minutes
   Workshop 2: 59 minutes
*These were two-camera shoots, with one camera in HD and the other in Standard-Def.
DVD 2 - Magic School
   23 Tricks that I teach in the workshops, fully performed & explained. 1 hour, 59 minutes
DVD 3 - Explanation
   A full breakdown of the cases, markets to target, structure and fee. 1 hour, 31 minutes
DVD 3 Bonus Folder (put in computer to open) -
   27 page booklet on workshops
   Trick handouts & templates
   Two full workshops from 2007 (mp4):
       Body Tricks: 59 minutes
       Rings Tricks: 55 minutes

Running Time: 7 hours, 58 minutes. 3 x DVDs

Only 1 copy left. Reduced to £20 with free postage. Email me if interested in purchasing at for a PayPal link.


Everything I know about being a Children's Entertainer - Book


This 363 page book in A4 size answers over 438 questions on the business of being a professional children's entertainer. Over 26 chapters, we explore everything from what tricks to perform to show structure, child control to character. Its a marketing system, reference guide and encyclopedia all rolled into one!

Presented in Q & A format with a complete hyperlinked index of questions to navigate to any part of the book immediately. This is the ultimate resource for information on the real business of performing professionally.

This book is an accumulation of all my knowledge from the last twenty years of performing. It is suitable for everyone from a complete beginner wishing to start out in magic to the professional wishing to expand the business to new markets. I discuss many points including the secrets of getting celebrity clients to showing examples of my leaflets and colouring book competition.

Most of this book was released previously as a PDF called "The Children's Entertainers Guidebook" but has been updated, reformatted and remodeled in 2015 as this new physical book.

Only available from this website while stocks last.

Chapter 1 – Introduction
Chapter 2 – Business Management
Chapter 3 – Getting the Booking
Chapter 4 – Pricing
Chapter 5 – Putting Your Show Together
Chapter 6 – Tricks
Chapter 7 – Show Structure
Chapter 8 – Character / Costume
Chapter 9 – Things to Consider Before Starting
Chapter 10 – Before the Event
Chapter 11 – Before the Show
Chapter 12 – Starting the Show
Chapter 13 – During the Show
Chapter 14 – The Show Contents
Chapter 15 – Finishing the Show
Chapter 16 – After the Show
Chapter 17 – Working with Puppets
Chapter 18 – Balloon Modeling
Chapter 19 – Other Performing Situations
Chapter 20 – Child Control
Chapter 21 – The Disco
Chapter 22 – The Two-Hour Show
Chapter 23 – Other Questions
Index of Questions


Five copies left. Reduced to £20 with free postage. Email me if interested in purchasing at for a PayPal link.


Ring Tricks 2.0 - DVD


Ring Tricks 2.0 is the ultimate in impromptu magic using an ordinary borrowed finger-ring. First, see the various routines several times in different places to different people, all with their own unique endings. Then watch a full explanation explaining all the effects in details.

Featuring over 30 effects including an entire new routine, new endings and effects with a ring. With a running time of over two hours, this really is the most in-depth look at tricks that can be performed with an ordinary finger ring.

  • Credits & Origins
  • Ring Types
  • Productions
  • Set 1: Eye Candy
  • Set 2: Penetrations
  • Set 3: Don’t Blink
  • Set 4: False Transfers
  • Ring & String
  • Floating Ring
  • Ring & Band
  • Endings
  • Swings & Circles

Running Time: 2 hours

Six copies left. Reduced to £8 with free postage. Email me if interested in purchasing at for a PayPal link.


Traffic Lights - DVD


You produce three different coloured gaming counters, manipulate them from hand to hand, to the mouth, and from the pocket. Then they magically transform into a multi-coloured ball.  

There are no gimmicks involved and no extra counters. This routine uses pure sleight-of-hand with just the three counters you produce. The same routine can also be done with three ordinary coins making it a perfect impromptu performance of magic. Also taught is a three-stage one coin / counter routine.

Includes coloured counters and final load ball.

Running Time: 38 minutes

Reduced to £8 with free postage. Email me if interested in purchasing at for a PayPal link.


The Key Project - DVD & Props


Includes two special metal key fobs.

1. You show the spectator a blank key-fob and ask them to hold it. They think of a number and remember the corresponding item from a list on your phone. The item they are thinking off then appears on the key-fob.

2. Holding the blank key-fob, they make numerous choices eliminating imaginary playing cards until only one remains. That card then appears on the key-fob.

3. After giving the spectator the blank key-fob, they pick a coloured key from a small collection. They open their hand to see the fob has changed colour to match the key. 

4. Two keys with coloured covers on are shown and placed into the spectator's hand. One is removed and with a quick wave, it changes places with the key still in their hand, before vanishing.

Other effects include the Bending Key, Static Keys, Shopping Tag Predication, Haunted Key and additional ideas & effects by Alex Fisher. More tricks and jpegs are available in the data folder, accessible via a computer.

Running Time: 56 minutes

Reduced to £8 with free postage. Email me if interested in purchasing at for a PayPal link.


Amazing Puzzles, Amazing Bar Bets, Amazing Magic and Carnival Games Exposed - Four book bundle

Carnival Games Exposed


Have you ever wanted to win that stuffed toy at the fair? Would you like to impress that special someone with your skills? This book contains the secrets to many of the most popular carnival, midway and arcade games, along with advice on how to beat them. From the Basketball Toss to Hoopla. Cover the Spot to High Striker. The answers are all here! This book is in full colour, with 60 games exposed with photos for them all. 64 full colour pages.  



Amazing Puzzles


This book features hundreds of picture based puzzles and quizzes where the solution is thinking laterally, rather than logically. They are great fun for children, adults and grandparents alike and will keep you entertained for hours. 32 full colour pages.

What is a logic picture puzzle? Is it
it a test of higher intelligence or
or is it a game of skill and wits to
to see who's smarter; reader or the
the writer? This book will test all
all your senses and challenge you
you to constantly pay attention. If
if you can always think laterally, you
you will probably work out some of
of the tricks and principles that are
are in play. Like this one you are
are reading right now... Good Luck!


Amazing Bar Bets


This book contains bets, puzzles, games and challenges that you can use to entertain, amuse and be the life of the party. Learn how to make metal float on water. How to turn a drink upside down without spilling a drop. How to balance a glass on a note. How to lift a bottle with a straw. How to inflate a bag in one breath. Along with many, many more!

32 full colour pages.


Amazing Magic


Behold a book on magic it teaches you what to do. Throughout its many pages you’ll find tricks and that is true.

Learn to read people’s mind and predict the combination of a lock. Push your thumb through your ear and melt away a knot.

Read its powerful secrets and master skills within the art. For with knowledge comes great power and this book is where you start.

32 full colour pages.


All four books together, reduced to £10 with free postage. Email me if interested in purchasing at for a PayPal link.