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I provide magic & puppet shows at parties, christenings, weddings, schools and festivals throughout Stockport and Manchester. 


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Festivals, Galas, Fundays & Events

ShowI can happily provide scheduled magic and puppet stage shows throughout the day, a one-off show for a large crowd of 500 or walk around balloon modeling for audiences of all ages.

I prefer to work inside (such as a marquee), but can work on a field as long as it is dry.

I provide my own battery powered PA and microphone for amplification; but do not provide a stage or canopy which may be required if outside to prevent the electrical equipment getting wet and the audience getting sunburnt. Each event is different and I do my best to provide whatever you require. 

For some events, seating may be advisable for the audience. I am happy for them to sit on the grass, but they may not be if it is wet.

Weather will be a determining factor with what is best on the day. It is difficult to do magic in strong winds, rain or snow. And its highly unlikely that the audience will just stand there and get wet. But I am very adaptable and should you request a magic and puppet show and need to change; I can happily switch to balloon modeling or line entertainment instead.   

I am happy to do a one-off show, a full day of entertainment with multiple shows (often every hour on the hour), walk-around close-up magic or balloon modeling for the masses. I do have other services such as circus skills workshops, but find scheduled shows is often better received, especially if they have other activities to participate in at the event.  


Magic & Puppet Show

Show 2The family magic and puppet show at festivals can last anywhere between 30 and 80 minutes. I adapt it to fit your requirements.

 It is very comedic with jokes suitable for both children and adults, There is often the opportunity for up-to five children to participate in a routine throughout the show. There are several routines with music, and all the tricks are large and visual to be seen by large crowds.

 I can also provide a performance done entirely to music which is useful in noisy environments, to non-English speaking groups and those that have hearing difficulties. I can use royalty free music should your event have that restriction; just let me know. 

The tricks will include manipulation with stars that appear and change colour. Spinning plates that reach the ceiling and liquids suspending in the air. They might find the missing piece of a jigsaw or make pictures appear in a book. I can make forks bend using telekinesis, read the children's mind and make hula hoops link by themselves.

It can be performed for a small group of children from the age of two, an entire primary school of 500 children, church or village halls or even outside in the park - as long as its not raining!


Hourly Magic & Puppet Shows

Show 5At some events, I am asked to perform a twenty, thirty or forty minute show every hour on the hour. The length of the show can be whatever fits into your days schedule and other activities due to take place.

When choosing each shows start time, please remember that you need to leave an adequate gap for the audience to come in, watch the magic, leave, clean the area, reset the show and get the next group in. Sometimes this can take just a few minutes; other times it can take fifteen. It depends on how big the crowd is, the seating arrangements and weather.

I can adapt the length and start -time to accommodate other attractions such as the raffle being drawn, the band playing etc. Just let me know your timetable.

I can stay for the entire duration of the event, or just a few hours. Whatever you require.

I bring my own "show start time" board and will make announcements prior to the shows to draw in a large crowd. The size of the crowd will depend on how many are in attendance, space available (if working in a marquee) and if there are other attractions taking place at the same time. I have no minimum or maximum number.  

For most events, the audience can sit on the grass (unless it has been raining) which I often find is the best option as the crowd can get rather big if I am the only attraction on at that time.

The show would benefit by having a wall behind me; to prevent people walking behind the show and ruining the performance (rather than standing in the middle of a field). Often working in a marquee / gazebo will suffice. I can still perform in an open field, it just restricts which effects I can perform and often the shows are shorter as keeping the audiences attention is harder to maintain when they are distracted by something happening behind me. I also have to be careful not get to get my props and electrical equipment wet.       


Line Entertainment  

BalloonsI can provide line entertainment, where I perform walk around magic to queues of children lining up to see Santa Claus or waiting in line to ride a new roller-coaster, or buy the new Harry Potter book.

Often I perform at premier movie releases, and opening nights for new musicals to the crowds before they go into the attraction.

The magic will include interactive magical effects that large groups can witness and join in with. The effects will include large props such as A4 size playing cards and Linking Rings. I might pass a hoop through a rope or solve a Rubik Cube in seconds. I can also organize games with the queuing line such as pass the spinning plate, guess the theme song and name that character.

If appropriate, I also have a bird puppet that I can entertain the crowd with, along with hula hoop tricks. 

I can also make balloon animals for everyone in the line if appropriate. I have a menu which I wear around my neck, which the children can choose a design from.


Balloon Modeling

Balloon AnimalsI can also provide balloon modeling for your crowds. I can either walk around the event making balloons to children as I find them, but usually I find it best if I set-up in a particular location with a balloon menu, and allow the children to form a line in front of me, as I make them each a balloon model in turn.

Please be advised that lines can get rather long and I do my best to make the balloons as fast as possible. So its best not to place me near any fire exits so that the queue does not start blocking them.

I have multiple menus available, from complicated deigns that take five minutes to make, common designs that take about a minute each to make, and simple designs that take about twenty seconds. I will display the most appropriate one based on how many are waiting in line. 




Show 5I mainly work within 25 miles of Stockport (SK3). That includes Manchester, Oldham, Altrincham, Bolton, Cheshire, Knutsford, Wilmslow, Alderley Edge, Salford, Glossop, Lymm, Macclesfield, Bury, Aston-under-Lyne and Warrington.

The one-hour Magic & Puppet Show is £165. The two-hour Party Package is £225 and the three-hour show with a Circus Skills Workshop is £275. A £50 deposit is required to reserve the timeslot upon making a booking, with the rest payable on the day. Weekend afternoons are my busiest times and so some restrictions may apply.

This is only a guide-line figure though, as there are obvious exceptions to this such as shows on Christmas Day or on mountain tops. Any parking costs are also not included in that figure. You will have to contact me with more precise details of your venue's location and party date so that I can give you a more accurate quote.

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