Frequently Asked Questions


How much do you charge?

At weekends, my one-hour magic and puppet show in the Stockport and Manchester area is usually £150. The two-hour party package with games is £200, and the three-hour show with circus skills is £250.

Close-Up Magic is usually £150 for the first hour, with each subsequent hour £50 thereafter.

Midweek prices are usually cheaper depending on what the event is, where and how many are attending. I need to know if its a birthday party, school show, magic lesson, corporate dinner, award ceremony, care home, rotary / WI / Probus club lecture etc. Please contact me with your event details for a quote. 


Do you require a deposit?

For a private party, birthday, christening or wedding, there is a £50 deposit required.

So a one-hour show costing £150; £50 will be the deposit and the remaining £100 is due on the day.  

The deposit can be paid via bank transfer, PayPal, cheque, credit card or cash. All my bank details are in the confirmation sheet which will be sent upon making a booking to your email address. Or you can use this link to pay online (please put your event date in the notes):

The booking is not confirmed until the deposit is paid.

The remaining balance is due on the day in cash before starting the show (not after).


What information do you need to make a booking?

I will need the time, date, full venue address, your name and contact telephone number, your email address, what the event is, if its a birthday - the child's name and age, and a rough idea on how many will be attending.


Do you do provisional bookings?

No. I never, ever hold dates for any reason. This has caused major problems in the past. The booking is only made once you have the confirmation / invoice and the deposit has been paid.   


Where do you work?

I am based in Heald Green, Stockport, SK8. I work up to 40miles from my home, dependent on motorway access. So that pretty much covers all of Greater Manchester, Wigan, Liverpool, Oldham, Hyde, Cheshire, Macclesfield, Warrington, Chester etc.

I will occasionally travel further than this; it just depends on when it is and what type of entertainment you require.


When are you available?

I work all seven days of the week, from 8am to 11pm.

Weekends are my busiest time, often between 11am to 1pm, and 2.30pm to 4.30pm. But I do not have set-time slots; so you can book me for whatever time fits your event (when available).


How many children can I invite?

As many as possible! I have no maximum (or minimum) number of guests and actually advise you invite as many as your venue can hold. Parties with more children create a much more lively and fun atmosphere. It also means the birthday child gets more presents and is invited to more parties themselves afterwards.


Do you have a DBS, CRB, and PL Insurance?

Yes. All of these documents can be found here:


What show should I book?

I have no set rules and can be booked for however long you require.

Schools, daycares and club meetings often book the one-hour show.

Birthday parties often book the two-hour party package.

Christenings often choose the three-hours package with circus skills.


How soon in advance do I need to book?

While I can be booked up to the day of the event itself, most of my bookings happen around three months prior to the event. 

So the sooner you book me in, the sooner I can lock that date in the diary and reserve it for you. I never take provisional bookings and a date is only reserved once the deposit has been received.    


Can you work alongside a bouncy castle or face painter, or mascot character?

Yes but... they are distractions. When you go to the theatre or cinema, you don't have things distracting you at your sides. If you want your children to thoroughly enjoy the show, they need to be able to focus on me. I can happily keep the children engaged throughout my time-slot, but not if there attention is divided.

However I am often booked to perform at events where other activities are taking place. I will perform my show for those that want to watch it. Sometimes I may adapt the activity I am providing to best suit your event. So if switching from a magic show to making balloon animals for everyone I think will be appreciated better - I will do that.

I will not perform my show on the bouncy castle, nor to an audience of children sat on it. Mascot characters are welcome to join in any games with the children - that is entirely up to them. Face painters are less distracting, but sometimes the queue for the children can be an issue, depending on where in the room they are situated.   


Do you require a break in the middle?

I don't require a break, and will work throughout my booked time-slot. If the opportunity arises after the show, I will take a few minutes to put some of the tricks away, to keep them safe from curious children. But I often work non-stop through the entire event.

If the children are eating during the a two-hour party, this usually happens in the middle, after the show and before the games. As long as the food is simple and prepared for them, they can all eat in under ten minutes. While they eat, I will either be making balloon animals or playing the Guess the Theme song game. 


When do we do the birthday cake?

In the two & three hour show, we do the birthday cake AFTER they have all finished eating, back in front of the show area. Not at the table. This is to make the birthday cake moment special for the child, often followed by a group photo opportunity.


Can you work outside?

Yes. However a Gazebo or cover is often needed to protect myself, my props, and the electrical sound system from getting wet or sunburnt. I cannot perform in the rain. Please keep all pets secured away, as they have been known to attack the puppets.


Do you do shows in homes?

Yes, all the time. However I prefer to be on the ground floor as the heavy boxes are difficult to carry up small staircases.


Why should I book you?

I am the 2018 Manchester Circle Magician of the Year and have won five major magic competitions. I was featured on Britain's Got Talent in 2011 and currently work on cruise ships around the world. After completing my BA (Hons) & Masters degrees in Television Production, I started my own magic web series which has over 200 episodes. I have written and produced over fifty books and videos on magic, and often lecture at magic clubs teaching my tricks to others. I was also a secondary-school teacher for a while, which is when I lost all my hair.

I started performing professionally in 1996, and have over 23 years experience.

My show is written to entertain all ages, so the parents can enjoy it as well as the children. I also pick the most appropriate effects for your group. Which includes strong sleight-of-hand magic, high-quality puppets and ventriloquism.

While other entertainers do exist; none of them have my level of experience, credentials or skills to make your event the success I know it can be.

My full biography is here:


Can I see you perform anywhere?

Sure. Every Friday evening between 4.30pm and 6.30pm I am performing a free public show at Waterfold Farm - Dining & Carvery, Waterfold Business Park, Bury, BL9 7BR. Feel free to come along and join in!


Do you have any videos I can see you in?

Yes, tons.

Click this link to watch two 40 minute shows from 2014:

I also have a YouTube series with over 200 episodes where I teach magic to children. Here is a link to the series:

Several documentaries have been made about me; here is a link to a recent one:

You can watch my showreel here:

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