Educational Shows


There are three educational magic shows that Stephen offers for libraries, infant and primary schools.

Each show is structured to teach important elements regarding the show theme and is tied to the national curriculum.

They each last one hour and have ten key points which we will explore through a demonstration of comedy magic, circus skills and puppets.

They are suitable for all ages and can be performed to one class or the entire school.


Magc Workshop1. Reading is Magic is a show featuring a variety of effects based upon popular children’s books. The children learn why reading is useful, ways to improve and about recycling books.

There are ten key learning points, all themed to a different children's picture book, non-fiction or novel, with a magic trick that accompanies the message. 

This is my most popular educational show and includes several ventriloquist puppet routines, the opportunity for around five children to help on stage within an effect, and often ends on a big dance number featuring the entire audience!


Magic Workshop2. Recycling is Fun demonstrates what can be recycled and how it helps the planet. The effects demonstrate its various forms and teach how we can all make a difference for our future. 

There are ten key points we explore, each of which is accompanied by a magic trick or puppet routine. There will be numerous opportunities for children to help on stage within an effect and the entire show has lots of audience interactivity.


3. Math's & Science Trickery features numerous magical effects using equations and physics to accomplish the feat. This show is designed to show these topics in a fun and engaging way to help children's motivation in learning these subjects.

The show features live speed demonstrations of completing a Magic Square and solving a Sudoku puzzle in under a minute, to demonstrate mathematics.

I will solve a Rubik Cube in seconds, demonstrating algorithms and pattern recognition.

Water will be spun upside down to represent centripetal force and how artificial gravity works. Items will be balanced on edge points, to explain centre of gravity / balance techniques.  

Each feat performed in the show uses a principle of math or science to help educate while be entertaining. Several effects will also be taught to the audience to perform themselves.



Each one-hour show is £165, and two shows back-to-back is £225.