Children's Disco


My children's disco is suitable for upto 100 children and includes current pop music, disco lights and activities.

The entertainment is more activity driven with lots of dancing games like 'Musical Bumps', 'Musical Statues', 'Colour Corners', and 'Hula Hoop Squash'. There are no eliminations in any of the games to keep everyone involved throughout - however there will be several winners which receive a prize (that I provide).

Show 2There will also be 'fortnight' dance sessions, including popular dances like 'Gangnam Style', 'The Conga', 'Macarena' and 'Saturday Night'. For all the dances, I show them the moves and they copy them after me.

We will also quiz type games such as 'Guess the Theme Song', 'Say What You See' and 'Quick Draw'.

We can play games like Scavenger Hunt if suitable for the room. Along with Play Parachute and Pass-the-Parcel (if suitable for their ages).

 The games we play will be chosen based on their ages, how many are in attendance and how much space we have.

If they are all teenagers and you would prefer to just have background music; I can also provide that. However I am not a DJ, I am a party games host offering a disco for parties and events.     

How much?

Prices vary depending on travel distance, and when your event is. However to give you a rough idea, one-hour is usually £150, two-hours is £200 and three-hours is £250.

There is a £50 deposit required, with the remaining balance due on the day.

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