CRB, DBS, PLI, Risk Assessment, Posters, Invitations, Publicity Photos



I have been checked numerous times as a secondary school teacher, holiday park performer and cruise ship staff. Even though being a children's entertainer does not require this document; I understand that some people would feel safer knowing I have it and so have uploaded the certificates here:  


DBS Download link: dbs-large.jpg

CRB Download link: crb-large.jpg


Public Liability Insurance (PLI)

My insurance is through Equity. This years certificate is here:

Download link: pli.pdf


Risk Assessment

Here is a standard Risk Assessment for those that require it:   

Download link: risk-assessment-large.pdf



These are all A1 size photos, with boxes to put info like: date, time, venue, ticket info etc.They are very large files, so only access on a PC (not a tablet). Right click and save target as...



Party Invitation
If you wish to print off some party invitations, Stephen has designed one below which you are most welcome to use:


Promotional Pictures

Below are numerous promotional pictures you can use for whatever advertising you may require them for. Right click, and save target as...


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