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About Stephen

I provide magic & puppet shows at parties, christenings, weddings, schools and festivals throughout Stockport and Manchester. 


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Close Up Magic


I have been performing close-up, walk-around and table magic for over 20 years. I have won several awards in this category including Close-Up Magician of the Year 2010 & 2012.

Close-UpI held several multi-year residencies performing weekly at numerous hotel chains. Along with performing at many private parties including Wayne Rooney, Rio Ferdinand, Liverpool FC, Manchester Utd FC and the entire Manchester City Football team at their Championship party. I often perform for corporate and event dinners, adult birthday parties and weddings.

My close-up magic includes card tricks, metal bending, ring manipulation, coin effects, mind-reading and sleight of hand. I might turn lottery tickets into money, bend a metal fork into an impossible shape with my mind, make a steel ring pass through rope, hands and fingers. Most often at these events, I travel around the room performing approximately 6 minutes for each group of people until everyone has witnessed the magic.

The tricks will vary throughout the night so anyone that's sees me numerous times will usually see something different each time.

I often performs this style at corporate dinner parties, restaurants, adult birthday parties, weddings and events.



Wedding Entertainment

The purpose for a magician at a wedding is to help entertain all the guests while waiting around for photographs or speeches. It can also help fill the time in-between meal courses. I am often asked to perform close-up magic at three particular times:

Close 1While photos are being taken

While the Bride & Groom have their pictures taken, I entertain all the other guests waiting in the reception area. Often becoming the ice-breaker; I demonstrate metal bending, ring manipulation and other intimate magic so that they have something to talk about throughout the day.


During the meal

In-between courses, I will perform at the tables. The effects will include bigger tricks such as jumbo three-card-monte and passing a ring through a rope, so that everyone at that table can join in as a group and witness the magic together. I will also perform several special tricks for the Bride & Groom along with all the guests on the top table.


Close Up MagicThe Golden Hour

After the wedding breakfast there is usually an hour's gap before the evening festivities. I will often perform additional magic effects or make personalized balloon animals (if appropriate) for all the guests. I can also perform numerous walkabout puzzle effects where I might solve a Rubik's cube, or complete a Sudoku puzzle in under a minute.


Adult Birthday Parties

Close Up MagicI often performs at 30th, 60th, 90th birthday parties, performing strolling walk-around magic for all the guests. I move from group to group demonstrating card tricks, metal bending, money magic and other amazing trickery.

If all the guests are restricted to a single room, he can garner the attention of everyone and perform a small parlor show for everyone if required. 



Close Up MagicEvery event is different in regards to the number of guests, type of entertainment required, travelling distance, and if overnight accommodation is needed. So this is just a baseline figure as obviously I would need more details to quote you accurately.

For events within 20 miles of Stockport, two-hours is £225 and three-hours is £275. A £50 deposit is required to reserve the timeslot upon making the booking; with the rest payable on the day.

There are obvious exceptions to this such as shows on Christmas Day or on mountain tops. Any parking costs are also not included in that figure. Please contact me for a more accurate quote based on your event criteria.

Testimonials and reviews for his shows can be found on his Testimonial page along with Netmums, Google Businesses and Facebook.