Close-Up Magic


Close-UpClose-up walkaround and table magic is often the highlight of any event. Amongst my repertoire is the ability to bend a metal fork, solve a Rubik cube in seconds, complete a Sudoku in under a minute, perform sleight-of-hand with a ring, turn lottery tickets into money, mesmerize them with card tricks and read the mind of your guests.

Most of what I perform is large and visual, so it can be seen across an entire table of guests. However I also have effects that take place in their hands for those special moments with just a few spectators. I preform the effects best suitable for your event.

Close-UpDuring the arrival time, I usually walk around the room entertaining your guests with intimate magic such as coin illusions, or card games like three card monte. 

Close-UpWhen performing table entertainment, I try and divide my time up equally amongst them and preform for them all in the allocated time, preferably in-between courses.

Depending on the nature of the event, I can also provide a small parlor show for the entire table after the meal. Close Up Magic

I was the Close-Up Magician of the Year 2010 & 2012 and I have performed at many celebrity parties including Wayne Rooney, Rio Ferdinand, Liverpool, Manchester United and Man City Football Clubs at their Championship parties.

Close Up MagicI often perform at corporate dinner parties, restaurants, weddings, parties, festivals and events. I charge £165 for one-hour, £225 for two hours and then £50 for each additional hour thereafter.


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