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About Stephen

I provide magic & puppet shows at parties, christenings, weddings, schools and festivals throughout Stockport and Manchester. 


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Circus Skills Workshops

Plate SpinningCircus skills workshops are great for school events, fundays and parties.

They begin with a brief demonstration of all the skills on offer, along with a quick introduction on how to perform that particular skill.

For school events, the different skills are then placed at particular locations around the room, as stations. The children are then divided into groups of four or five and sent to a station where they attempt that activities for the duration of a song. At the conclusion of the song; they move around the room to the next station where they try the next skill.

Once all the skills have been attempted, the children can go to whichever activity they prefer to continue with their favourite activity and if appropriate they can all return to the front and anyone that would like to demonstrate their talents can do so before the entire audience.

Silk Juggling

For small groups, the children are left to attempt whatever activity they wish to practice, while Stephen goes around the room, helping the children develop that particular skill.

The skills taught include: Plate Spinning, Peacock Feather Balancing, Juggling Silks, Juggling Balls, Trick-Sticks, Yo Sticks, Pogo Jumpers, Kendama, Flying Discs, Diablo, Hula Hoops, Yo Yo's, Bucket Stilts, Stilt Walking, Wobble Boards.

The best skills will be selected for your event depending on ceiling height, amount of space, severity of wind, age of the children, number of participants etc.  

Hula Hoops

Circus skills workshops do require space to practice in and are best in open spaces like school and village halls. I can work outside for festivals however a marquee must be provided. 

The majority of the activities are only suitable for children aged 5 and over.

The workshop can cater for up to 60 children (based on the amount of equipment available) and usually last for an hour. Adults and teachers are also encouraged to try the activities themselves.      

To see a short video documentrary on my Circus Skills workshops, press play:



Full Day Events

Full day events usually start with a full magic, puppet and circus skills show for the entire school during assembly.

This is then followed by one, two or three classes at a time (depending on class size) to come into the hall at staggered times throughout the day, to participate in the Circus Skills Workshop. Most workshops last around 55 minutes, with a five minute gap between sessions to reset the equipment, calm the children down, get them back to class and the next group to come in. But they can be made shorter or longer as required to fit everyone in.

To best make use of my time, its wiser to be in the same school hall throughout the day. If the hall is used for lunch, that has to factor into the structure of the day as dinner ladies often like to set-up the tables early, and the floor usually requires time to dry after being cleaned. 

A rough breakdown of two schools I did recently is:

9:15 to 10 - School Show for everyone
10.15 to 11 - Year 1
11 to 11.45 - Year 2
11:45 to 12.30 Year 3
1:30 to 2:15 - Year 4
2:15 to 3 - Year 5


9:15-10 Full Time Nursery, AM Nursery and 2 x Reception classes
10-10:50 Year 2 and 1 x Reception class
10:50-11:40 Year 1 and one Year 4 class
11:40-12:30 Year 5 and two Year 4 classes
1:20- 2:10 Year 3 and PM Nursery
2:15- 3:10 Year 6


After School Clubs

I also offer after school club sessions. These run for eight weeks, immediately as school ends in the school hall. A teacher will need to be present at the sessions.

The first week is usually an introductory session where we try all the activities. The following weeks usually specialize on two of three skills teaching particular tricks as appropriate for the age in attendance.

Contact me for a price for workshops as it varies, especially on travelling distance.  


Balloon Modeling

Balloon ModellingAmazing Stephen has been Balloon Modeling since 1996 and has produced several products teaching others of his designs. He developed his skills when he was hired as the full time resident modeler where his job was to make balloons sculptures every day for three straight years. He can now make any model with his eyes close, hands behind his back while spinning on the spot!

He has devised many new shapes and models and can make almost anything requested including Dogs, Ladybirds, Swords, Cats, Horses, Spider-man, Batman, Pokémon, Parrots, Rabbits, Mouse, Turtle, Butterfly, Heart, Hats, Plane, Helicopter amongst many others.

Stephen is often hired at shopping centres, grand openings and events to make balloons for all the guests. He has been known to make over 300 models in a single day! It is the most popular walk-around activity he provides.

Stephen had also been hired to make balloon sculptures at Birthday Parties for all the children. Please note however that it takes on average a minute for the children to choose what they want, and to make each balloon. So 30 children will take 30 minutes for them each to get one balloon sculpture.


Balloon Modelling

He also offers Balloon Modelling workshops where he teaches children and adults how to make simple designs such as a dog, cat, rabbit, giraffe and sword. These workshops normally last for an hour and are better suited to small groups. Stephen provides all the balloons, pumps and tuition and they get to take home all the balloons that they make.



I mainly work within the Stockport and Manchester area. A one-hour session is £165, two-hours is £225 with each additional hour £50 thereafter.

A £50 deposit is required to reserve the timeslot upon making a booking, with the rest payable on the day. Weekend afternoons are my busiest times and so some restrictions may apply.

This is only a guide-line figure though, as there are obvious exceptions to this such as shows on Christmas Day or on mountain tops. Any parking costs are also not included in that figure. You will have to contact me with more precise details of your venue's location and party date so that I can give you a more accurate quote.

Testimonials and reviews for his shows can be found on his Testimonial page along with Netmums, Google Businesses and Facebook.