Care Home Magic Show


I have performed in many care homes over the years, and have learnt they each come with their own set of challenges. My show is very adaptive; meaning that if the audience are willing and able to join in the fun, I can include magical effects that involve them.

If they would prefer to just sit back and watch the performance; I can entertain them with magic to music and comedy show pieces that don't require any audience interaction. I pick the best effects based on your audiences needs.  

The magic show lasts around 50 minutes. I bring my own PA system and headset microphone. I usually dress bright and colourful as a carnival magician.

The performance is structured around demonstrating various magical themes and includes bending a metal fork, reading the mind of the audience, solving a Rubik cube in seconds, telling a story with a deck of cards, linking hula hoops and manipulating thimbles.

The cost for a care home show on a weekday is usually £75 (depending on travelling distance).    



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