Adult Cabaret Magic Show


Close-UpMy adult cabaret magic show is suitable for all ages, with no swearing or innuendo of any kind. However it is written for adult audiences and will include effects that young children may not understand or may scare them such as guillotines, quick-math and mentalism. 

I am often booked for dinner parties, club meetings, care homes, Christmas parties and cruise ships. The show lasts around 50 minutes and I bring my own PA system and headset microphone.


Adult Magic ShowThe 'Ten Effects of Magic' is a light-hearted show demonstrating various magical abilities including bending a metal fork, reading the mind of the audience, solving a Rubik Cube in around 4 seconds, completing a Sudoku in under a minute and reciting a story with a pack of playing cards.


There is audience interaction with participants choosing words or mixing the puzzles, sleight-of-hand magic to music and lots of humour throughout.



When working on cruise-ships or full-day events, I have three completely different 45 minute shows, which includes puzzles, manipulation to music and comedy magic. The shows will be adapted for your venue and event to deliver the best possible performance possible.  



Lock-Box Escape Room

 I can also provide the Lock-Box Challenge for private parties. This is a portable 'escape room' all self-contained in a series of boxes. The players must decipher the clues and solve the puzzles, which will reveal the code to a lock, allowing access to the next level.

It is often booked for a group activity after the cabaret magic show.

Each box takes around 50 minutes to complete, although some players have taken longer. But I will always be present to guide and offer hints when needed.  

Due to their success, I have built three games so far, and am currently working on my fourth. 

#1 - The Lock Box

#2 - The Moon Landing 

#3 - The Magician's Suitcase


The game is best played in small groups. It takes place in your home, often in the lounge. The puzzles are aimed at adults, but are suitable for anyone over 10 years of age.    


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