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About Stephen

I provide magic & puppet shows at parties, christenings, weddings, schools and festivals throughout Stockport and Manchester. 


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Adult Cabaret Magic Show

90th Birthday PartyAmazing Stephen offers comedy magic cabaret shows for adult birthday parties, clubs & society dinners, weddings, christenings and other such events.

The show runs for approximately 50 minutes but can be adapted to fit the structure of your event (so that it doesn't clash with food being served or any speeches).

Adult Magic ShowThe show is family friendly and can be enjoyed by all ages and religions. However the effects themselves are geared towards the adults which include mind-reading, predictions and manipulating choices which some children might not understand. 

There is no bad language, innuendo or explicit content of any kind. He does not use any fire effects, flash paper, or smoke pyrotechnics. He does not borrow people's rings, phones or watches either. Its the effects themselves that are chosen for older audiences such as the use of the hand guillotine illusion.  

Adult Cabaret ShowI have no limits in how many guests can watch; I am happy to perform for 5 people or 500 and there will be several opportunities for volunteers to participate within a trick.

I bring my own PA system with headset microphone. Some effects require background music but it is not necessary for the show and is only used if suitable for the venue.

This show is structured around the performance of ten different magical abilities including:

1. Slight of Hand
2. Chance
3. Absorption
4. Telekinesis
5. Phasing
6. Telepathy
7. Mathematics
8. Transmogrify
9. Amputation
10. Storytelling

A different demonstration of each skill is performed for your audience to watch and be amazed at. 


Quizmaster Game Show

Quiz MasterI can also provide my services as a quiz games master. Your guests are split into groups and have to answer questions, feel what's in the bag, solve challenges, unscramble the anagram, identify the chocolate bar without the wrapper, complete picture puzzles and other fun activities. All from the comfort of their chair.

There are often six rounds, containing ten questions in each round. The quiz often lasts an hour but more rounds can be added to make it longer as needed.

I can either provide the game show on its own, or as a follow up to the adult cabaret magic show.  


Lockbox Challenge

Similar to an escape room, your guests are challenged to solve puzzles and follow the clues to open a series of boxes and reach the prize inside. More details are on the Lockbox Challenge page.



AwardI mainly work within the Stockport and Manchester area. The one-hour cabaret magic show or one-hour game show is £165.

Or both the magic show and lockbox or quiz back-to-back is £225.

A £50 deposit is required to reserve the timeslot upon making a booking, with the rest payable on the day. Weekend afternoons are my busiest times and so some restrictions may apply.

This is only a guide-line figure though, as there are obvious exceptions to this such as shows on Christmas Day or on mountain tops. Any parking costs are also not included in that figure. You will have to contact me with more precise details of your venue's location and party date so that I can give you a more accurate quote.

Testimonials and reviews for his shows can be found on his Testimonial page along with Netmums, Google Businesses and Facebook.