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How to run a Magic Workshop - 3 DVD Boxset

Have you ever wanted to earn more money during the week? Have you ever been asked to teach someone magic but didn't know what tricks to show them?
This DVD set will show you all the tricks to teach children and adults in groups or in private lessons. Maximising profits and storage space to offer informative classes that keep the students coming back for more.
From summer camps to after-school clubs, adult courses to reward shows - teaching magic is a huge money-earner and this DVD set reveals all the secrets you need to know.
DVD 1 - Live Magic Workshops 2015
   Workshop 1: 1 hour, 12 minutes
   Workshop 2: 59 minutes
*These were two-camera shoots, with one camera in HD and the other in Standard-Def.
DVD 2 - Magic School
   23 Tricks that I teach in the workshops, fully performed & explained. 1 hour, 59 minutes
DVD 3 - Explanation
   A full breakdown of the cases, markets to target, structure and fee. 1 hour, 31 minutes
DVD 3 Bonus Folder (put in computer to open) -
   27 page booklet on workshops
   Trick handouts & templates
   Two full workshops from 2007 (mp4):
       Body Tricks: 59 minutes
       Rings Tricks: 55 minutes

Running Time: 7 hours, 58 minutes

How to run a Magic Workshop - £30
3 x DVDs


Ring Tricks 2.0 - DVD


Ring Tricks 2.0 is the ultimate in impromptu magic using an ordinary borrowed finger-ring. First, see the various routines several times in different places to different people, all with their own unique endings. Then watch a full explanation explaining all the effects in details.

Featuring over 30 effects including an entire new routine, new endings and effects with a ring. With a running time of over two hours, this really is the most in-depth look at tricks that can be performed with an ordinary finger ring.

  • Credits & Origins
  • Ring Types
  • Productions
  • Set 1: Eye Candy
  • Set 2: Penetrations
  • Set 3: Don’t Blink
  • Set 4: False Transfers
  • Ring & String
  • Floating Ring
  • Ring & Band
  • Endings
  • Swings & Circles

Running Time: 2 hours, 1 minute

Ring Tricks 2.0 £8
DVD Download


Cabaret Find the Lady - DVD
This is a stage size Find the Lady Routine using any three ungimmicked, any size cards. It can be done close-up with playing cards or business cards. It can be done in children's shows with A4 cards, with beer-mats in the pub or on stage with A2 size cards. The possibilities are endless.
Because the cards are ungimmicked, it can be customised to the client. So you can have a picture of the bride in-between two pictures of the groom for a wedding. You can have a picture of the company boss in-between two signs that say 'Your Fired' for a corporate dinner party. In trade shows, he has pictures of the company logo and products on them. He performs the effect close-up at tables, in his children's show, on the street (busking style) and on grand stages to thousands of people.  
Stephen teaches you his entire routine with several live performances which you can then use in your show, and also customise to your client. This plays really big, but packs flat.
The audience are involved throughout the routine, with them trying to find the lady at every step of the trick. The moves are easy to learn and so its a great trick to teach in workshops. He has performed this trick over 700 times over the last three years. It works with any three cards, of any size.
Running Time: 34 minutes
Cabaret Find the Lady £8
DVD Download


Stretchy Bands - DVD & Props


Stretchy Bands are large hair ties, similar to elastic bands and loom bands. They pack small and play big, are great for teaching in workshops and offer a different selection of effects to elastic bands. This video teaches 26 different visual tricks which includes mentalism, penetrations, vanishes, games, restorations and more. They are just as much fun to perform as they are to watch. Check out the unedited, uncut, no camera trickery trailer that shows just a few of the effects.

Now featuring a second DVD with two full routines (from myself and Alex Fisher) performed and explained along with instructions on where to source your own bands cheaply for giveaways.

1. Y Knot
One band is locked within the other and around a the spectators finger. You wave and suddenly the two bands change places, while still tied around their finger.
2. Great Escape
Both bands are wrapped and secured around the spectators finger. They choose a colour and you make that band penetrate right through their finger.
3. Wrist To Wrist
Both bands are wrapped around your wrist. The spectator places their hand through the loops and upon their command, the bands penetrate your wrist and wrap around theirs.
4. Band through Anything
You place both hands behind the spectators arm and upon the count of three, it suddenly penetrates their arm to appear on top. This technique can be used for band through neck and any other object.
5. Dan Harlan Linking Bands
Both bands are stretched out between the fingers and the spectator grabs the two centre strands. When they let go, the bands are linked together. They stretch the centre strands again and suddenly they unlink.
6. Visual Link
The two bands are held in one hand, and upon tapping each other, they appear to link. They are then held cleanly by one strand showing them locked together before magically coming apart.
7. Through all Fingers
The band is wrapped around all four fingers, and yet upon your command, it instantly penetrates all of them at the same time.
8. Finger by Finger
A band is wrapped around each finger separately super securing them all in place. But still, you are able to make the band pass through each finger one at a time.
9. Noughts & Crosses
A band is wrapped around a finger and thumb. You show that if you release your finger it will either lock or come of your thumb. You then show the same happens to the finger. If the spectator can guess which side will lock, they will win the prize. Yet they never win.
10. Finger Prediction
You wrap the band around one of the fingers and the spectator calls out any number. You count across the fingers to that number, which ends on your prediction.
11. Swings & Circles
You chain both bands together and tie a know at the bottom. You are then able to use telekinesis to move the knot either in circles or to swing in a desired direction. Then the spectator tries this and to their astonishment it works for them as well.
12. Jumping Band
You triple wrap a band around two fingers and use the second band to lock all four fingers apart preventing any trickery. Yet with a little shake, the band suddenly jumps onto the other two fingers.
13. Transpo Band
You triple wrap a band around two fingers, and the other band around the next two fingers. With a little shake, they both change places.
14. Torn & Restored Band
You take a band and snap it in half. Yet with a bit of magic, you magically restore it.
15. Palm to Palm
The band is wrapped around your palm and you get the spectator to hold their palm to your palm. It then jumps from your hand to their hand.
16. Band through their wrist
The band is doubled over and wrapped around the spectators wrist. You grab one of the strands and pull and it penetrates through and off their wrists. (T&R Band Method)
17. Knuckle to Knuckle
You wrap the band around a knuckle and close your hand into a fist locking it in. Yet with a simple tug it jumps to the adjacent finger. You do this for three times between all the fingers.
18. Thru the Finger
The band is wrapped around the base of the finger. You give a simple tug and it seems to pass right through.
19. Band thru Thumb
You tie a band around your thumb and allow the spectator to hold onto the end of the thumb to stop it escaping. Yet at your command, it penetrates the thumb.
20. Snap of finger
You place a band around a finger and hold it out upwards facing them. You pull the ends and it appears to pass through the finger.
21. Vanishing Band
One or Both bands are wrapped around your wrist. The spectator chooses a colour and with a quick shake, the band vanishes from your wrist.
22. Locked Hand Test
The spectator stretches out a band between both wrists. Another spectator does the same within their band locking them together. They find it impossible to escape without removing the band from one of the hands, until you show them the secret.
23. Thumb Tie
You lock your thumbs into the band and tie each thumb securely. It would take about 15 seconds to release and tie yourself again, but you can do it instantly.
24. Bands through the magicians wrist
You make one or both bands suddenly penetrate off your wrist.
25. Finger Jump
The string is tied around your middle finger, and you show that and the first finger together. With a little shake the string jumps to your first finger, and then back again.
26. Band through Spectators Finger
The band is wrapped around their finger, and trapped there. But at your command, it can pass through their finger.

DVD 1: 1 hours, 55 minutes, DVD 2: 35 minutes. Buyers of the DVD will get six bands included.

Stretchy Bands £12
2 x DVDs & Bands


The Key Project - DVD & Props


Includes two special metal key fobs.

1. You show the spectator a blank key-fob and ask them to hold it. They think of a number and remember the corresponding item from a list on your phone. The item they are thinking off then appears on the key-fob.

2. Holding the blank key-fob, they make numerous choices eliminating imaginary playing cards until only one remains. That card then appears on the key-fob.

3. After giving the spectator the blank key-fob, they pick a coloured key from a small collection. They open their hand to see the fob has changed colour to match the key. 

4. Two keys with coloured covers on are shown and placed into the spectator's hand. One is removed and with a quick wave, it changes places with the key still in their hand, before vanishing.

Other effects include the Bending Key, Static Keys, Shopping Tag Predication, Haunted Key and additional ideas & effects by Alex Fisher. More tricks and jpegs are available in the data folder, accessible via a computer.

Running Time: 56 minutes

The Key Project - £10
DVD & Props


Marketing Magic - DVD


This video explores all potential markets that a magician can perform in, how much they pay and how to land the gig. We will look at what months are best to target particular markets to maximise return for your time investment.

Then there is a full breakdown of SEO Methods to get to the top of Google, and how to run an Adwords campaign so that it does not cost more than you make. This DVD tells you how to get all the gigs. It is the ultimate resource in becoming a full-time performer.

  • How much do I earn? - 0,01,22
  • Cutting Back - 0,02,03
  • Close-Up Residencies - 0,02,03
  • Fees & Rates - 0.03.50
  • How long do I spend marketing? - 0,04,46
  • Year in Review - 0,05,40
  • Cancelations - 0,06,39
  • Deposits - 0,07,06
  • Year of Marketing - 0,07,45
  • January & February - 0,07,59
  • W.I., Rotary & Probus Clubs - 0,08,39
  • Back of Room Sales - 0,09,50
  • Flower, Animal & Agricultural Shows - 0,10,42
  • Summer Camps - 0,12,42
  • Educational Shows - 0,14,54
  • Reading Themes - 0,17,20
  • Religious Dates - 0,18,42
  • Comedy Festivals - 0,21,20
  • Farmers Markets - 0,22,17
  • After-School Clubs - 0,22,40
  • Out of School Clubs - 0,24,14
  • Pubs - 0,24,54
  • March & April - 0,25,43
  • Weddings - 0,25,54
  • Holiday Parks - 0,26,20
  • Cruise Ships - 0,27,54
  • Wedding Fairs - 0,30,38
  • May & June - 0,33,35
  • Scouts & Brownies - 0,34,37
  • Disability & Retirement Homes - 0,36,09
  • Rural Touring Network - 0,36,34
  • Restaurants - 0,39,52
  • Shopping & Garden Centres - 0,41,00
  • Halloween - 0,43,03
  • Department Stores - 0,44,15
  • School Christmas Parties - 0,44,38
  • Freemasons & Society Dinners - 0,45,09
  • November & December - 0,46,32
  • New Year Eve Parties - 0,47,24
  • Working Christmas Day - 0,47,53
  • Stage Names - 0,48,39
  • Web Extensions - 0,50,32
  • Village Hall Noticeboards - 0,51,36
  • Village Hall Landlord - 0,53,17
  • Car Sign-writing - 0,54,36
  • Discount Vouchers - 0,56,31
  • Venue Hire Page - 0,58,18
  • Party Invitations - 0,58,18
  • What is SEO & PPC? - 1,00,45
  • Why Google? - 1,07,36
  • SEO with Google - 1,09,28
  • Loading Fast - 1,10,51
  • Delete Useless Code - 1,11,36
  • Photo Size - 1,12,58
  • Landing Page - 1,14,52
  • Test the site - 1,16,44
  • Clean Code - 1,17,40
  • Use basic fonts - 1,19,05
  • Lots of Photographs - 1,20,26
  • Rename Pictures - 1,20,54
  • Readability Statistics - 1,23,29
  • Bullet Points - 1,25,10
  • Sitemaps & Broken Link Checker - 1,26,45
  • Keywords & Metatags - 1,27,14
  • Page Description - 1,27,54
  • Compatibility - 1,29,14
  • Forms, Tables & Placeholders - 1,30,14
  • Test the site - 1,32,27
  • Link Email Addresses - 1,34,15
  • Header, Buttons & Drop-down boxes - 1,35,08
  • Submit to Search Engines - 1,35,56
  • Past methods that no-longer work - 1,37,59
  • Back-Linking - 1,38,51
  • Long Lasting Domain Names - 1,40,17
  • Embedding Facebook - 1,40,52
  • Location Based Web Pages - 1,43,10
  • Invisible Text - 1,44,25
  • Domain Names - 1,45,27
  • H1 Heading Tags - 1,46,13
  • Competitors Names - 1,46,44
  • Google Adwords - 1,48,58
  • Budget & Costs - 1,49,16
  • Turn off Dynamic Search Ads - 1,51,30
  • Turn off Search Partners - 1,53,16
  • Negative Keywords - 1,53,55
  • Locations - 1,54,38
  • Keywords - 1,55,53
  • Google Business, Maps & Places - 1,59,06
  • Getting Reviews - 2,01,11
  • Getting Photographs - 2,02,40
  • Getting Celebrity Pictures - 2,04,50
  • Letters to Schools - 2,13,25
  • Roller Banners - 2,15,03
  • Shopping Centre Busking - 2,20,24

Running Time: 2 hours, 25 minutes

Marketing Magic - £15
DVD Download


Children's Show Routines - DVD

Ten routines, performed to a real live audience and then fully explained for you to use in your own show. Templates for all the effects are included in a Data folder to be printed out. Most of the effects in this video can be customised for the client and themed to suit a Christmas, Halloween, or Easter show etc. The tricks together can form a complete show for your audiences.

1. Pencil Madness
A pencil on a board changes direction before revealing two comical pictures.
2. Birthday Wish List
A number of items are shown and eliminated leaving one, the gift nobody wants!
3. Last Two Cards Match
Five pairs of animals are shown and mixed. Yet they all match at the end.
4. Impossible Jigsaw
The child picks a random piece, which coincidently fits the space in the jigsaw.
5. Custom Painting
Learn how to make your own colouring book and watch a routine using it.
6. The Spelling Game
Six children are given a letter each and they challenge each other to spell words.
7. Silhouette Game
After guessing the animal from the silhouettes, you produce three of them.
8. Comedy Linking Rings
A four ring routine when the child performs all the links.
9. Birthday Card Surprise
Birthday cards are shown and discarded but keep reappearing in your hands. 
10. Mind Reading Cootie Catcher
The spectator makes all the decisions to choose a section, which you predicted.

Running Time: 2 hours, 5 minutes

Children's Show Routines - £10
DVD Download


Party Business - DVD

If you have ever wanted to be a children's entertainer then this DVD will teach you everything you will need to know from advertising and marketing strategies to the party games he plays and equipment he uses. Stephen discusses everything about his show and business strategies including all the tactics which have made him one of the most requested children’s entertainers in the UK.

1. What do I charge?
2. Price Increasing
3. How much do I earn?
4. How many shows do I do?
5. Weddings
6. Confirmation Sheets
7. Confirmation Number
8. Cancellations
9. Deposits
10. Packages
11. Competitors
12. Website
13. Prices on my website
14. Venues Page
15. Promo Videos
16. Adwords
17. Google Maps
18. CRB
19. Party Invitations
20. Giveaway Tricks
21. Venue Notice boards
22. Charity Shows
23. Car Sign-writing
24. Party Bags
25. Selling Balloons
26. Selling Magic Sets
27. Roller Banners
28. Balloon Game
29. Hula Hoops
30. Balloon Modelling
32. Branding & Costume
33. Facebook
34. PA System
35. Microphones
36. Pass the Parcel
37. Prizes
38. Parachute
39. EZPA PA Backup
40. Main PA
41. Scavenger Hunt
42. Arrival Time
43. Show Structure
44. Shaking Hands
45. Gathering Stuff Back
46. Plate Spinning
47. Dancing games
48. Birthday Cake
49. Group Photo
50. Dancing Games (Creation)
51. Musical Bumps
52. Musical Birthday Child
53. Parachute Games
54. The Conga
55. YMCA
56. Ending the Show
57. Musical Statues
58. Hokey Cokey
59. Payments
60. Circus Skills
61. Educational Shows
62. Spelling Game
63. Theme Shows
64. Clothing
65. Line Entertaining

Running Time: 2 hours, 25 minutes

Party Business £12
DVD Download


The Money Project - DVD


This DVD features six full routines, all about Money.

One Coin Routine (Gimmick)
A coin is produced, then two more. Two of the coins vanish, upon which the last coin turns into a Jumbo with a kicker ending.

One Coin Routine (Impromptu)
An anytime, anywhere one-coin routine including productions, transpositions, vanishes, penetrations and with numerous endings to choose from.
Three Coins Routine
Three coins are produced, followed by a three-fly routine, a coin swallowing routine of which they all vanish and then has several different endings.
Shopping Spree
Five banknotes are shown, and even though they get discarded numerous times – you magically somehow always have five notes in your hands.
You take some money out of your ATM machine numerous times, only for it to vanish and the ATM machine to magically close down.
Card Coin Matrix
Four cards with a coin upon them are shown. A card is selected, and covered by the spectator. The coin on each of the other three cards vanishes and appears on the card under the spectator’s hand.


Running Time: 2 hours, 17 minutes

The Money Project £8
DVD Download


Jack Spade Storydeck - DVD
Jack Spade is a private investigator trying to solve the case of the stolen diamond ring. Told through the revelations of a pack of playing cards, this is a story-deck routine that acts as the finish to Stephen's close-up, parlour and stage shows.
Each card is produced from within the deck in time with the narrative. Stephen goes through several versions of the effect, the stack, the false shuffles, the revelations, secret marks, extra cards and all the gags - everything.
Its a card trick with every card in the deck and its a superb finish to any magicians set.

Running Time: 1 hours, 18 minutes

Jack Spade - Storydeck £10
DVD Download


Body Tricks - DVD

Body Tricks is a collection of 64 magical effects using nothing but the human body.

Learn to remove your own thumb, stretch your fingers, twist your hands and levitate of the ground. This is the ultimate in impromptu magic, tricks that can be performed instantly without the need of any searching for props.

Whether you’re a professional magician, hypnotist, psychic or just looking for some interesting stunts to amuse your friends, there is something here for everyone.  

Thumb Tricks
Travelling Thumb
Moving Thumb
Stretching Thumb
Restrained Thumb
Tricks with your Fingers
Extra Finger Production
Finger Crack
Finger Stretch
Finger Test
Andrew Mayne’s Finger Through Cheek
Finger Through Finger
Finger Through Shirt
Magnetic Fingers
Miscommunication Fingers
Missing Mid-Finger
Ring Finger Bond
Telescopic Pinkie
Three Finger Monte
Vanishing Pinkie
Twisting Finger
Tricks with your Hand
Blue Vein Reading
Fist Fight
Hands Turn Up
Hand Chopper
Hand Snap Backwards
Locked Hands Test
Spectators Hand Twist
Two Left Hands
Tricks with the Arms and Legs
Bloody Murder
Forever Falling
Legs Through Floor
Growing Arm
Shrinking Arm
Not In-Sync
Hercules Arm
Rising Arms
Idol Hands
Tricks with the Nose
Break Your Nose
I’ve Got Your Nose
Nose Twister
Tricks with your Eyes
Hole In Your Hand
Bite In Your Hand
Floating Sixth Finger
Invisible Finger
Shrinking Finger
Spirit Taps
Swallow An Eyeball
Stuck Eyes
Tricks with your Feet
Tootsy Levitation
Toe Levitation
Stuck Foot
Stand Up
Tricks with your Mind
Grey Elephants In Denmark
Perfect Telephone Trick
Thought Transmitter
Think of a shape
Think of a number
Invisible Coin Trick
Missing £10 Note
Tricks with Other Body Parts
Impromptu Head Twist
Neck Breaker
Thumb Through Ear
This DVD has been reformatted in 2014 into true widescreen format. Several other improvements have also been made for this release. However it was recorded when I still had hair on my head!
Running Time: 1 Hour, 56 Minutes
Body Tricks £8
DVD Download


Romantic Bar Magic Vol.1 - DVD
This is a collection of romantic themed magic that can be performed at weddings, on valentine day or close-up at restaurants / bars to couples on a date. Many of the effects are suitable for parlour, as well as close-up and there are multiple live performances for all the tricks, filmed at Illusions Magic Bar before a full explanation.
Glass & Strawberry - A strawberry continually reappears under a glass then turns into a lime.
Key to my Heart - The spectators have to find the key to the magician’s heart shaped lock.
Heart & Silk - A silk is produced, penetrates a solid metal heart and then turns into a rose.
Champagne Compass - A bottle continuously changes direction leading to a shocking end.
Love Handles - Hearts on paddles vanish & appear before turning into heart shaped sponges.
Running Time: 1 hour, 48 minutes
Romantic Bar Magic Vol.1 £8
DVD Download


Romantic Bar Magic Vol.2 - DVD
A second collection of Romantic theme magic designed to be used at Weddings, on valentine day or close-up at restaurants / bars to couples on a date. Many of the effects are suitable for parlour, as well as close-up and there are multiple live performances for all the tricks, filmed at Illusions Magic Bar before a full explanation.
Gamble with my Heart - My version of five card repeat, with a surprise ending.
Card in Heart Balloon - A thought-of playing card appears inside a heart shaped balloon.
Wedding Thoughts - Two people think of two objects from a list, then you read their minds.
Heart String - The spectator makes a heart pendant spin and swing in their own hands.
Ring & Rose - A ring vanishes and appears inside a rose.
Ambitious Waltz - A unique take on the ambitious card with an anniversary waltz ending.
The Four Card Trick - Hearts vanish from the cards and appear on the spectator’s card.
Running Time: 1 hour, 46 minutes
Romantic Bar Magic Vol.2 £8
DVD Download


Puppet Routines for Magicians - DVD

This DVD features 12 puppet routines including silent and ventriloquism routines, along with routines that require audience participation. With performance footage taken from numerous shows dating between 2005 to 2012.

This is then followed by a 70 minute talk on how some of the effects work along with improvements & modifications he has made to the puppets in order to make them performable in the real world. 4:3 Ratio. PAL Video Format. Also includes several full length puppet scripts included as a Data file on the DVD.

Routines Included are:

  1. Cheeky Monkey (Vent)
  2. Friendly Alien Puppet (Vent)
  3. Axtell Book Puppet (Vent)
  4. Axtell Duck Puppet (Vent)
  5. Axtell Drawing Board (Silent / Vent)
  6. Cheeky Monkey (Silent)
  7. Pikachu (Silent)
  8. Rabbit in Hat (Silent)
  9. Axtell Vern the Bird (Silent)
  10. Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer (Vent)
  11. Santa (Vent)
  12. Impromptu Flea Circus

Running Time: 2 hours, 28 minutes

Puppet Routines for Magicians £10
DVD Download


Thimble Stars - DVD


Thimble Stars is a 4 minute thimble manipulation routine, as Stephen performs in his children's show, adult parlour, and in close-up situations.
He performs it over 250 times a year in his children's show to comedy patter, which ends in a spring rabbit production. His close-up version ends with the vanish of all four thimbles.
The routine has been devised to work around all bad angles, eliminate steals and awkward moves and make the routine as 'fool proof' as he could make it. He doesn't wear a jacket or use sleeves. The only clothing requirements are that you have trouser pockets.
There are many live performances featured on the DVD, including some to music along with a full explanation of each move in the routine.
This has been his opening routine since 2007 and he has won several competitions with this act. This is Thimble Stars.

Running Time: 1 hours, 11 minutes

Thimble Stars £8
DVD Download


Family Magic & Puppet Shows 2014 - DVD
Two full family Magic & Puppet shows recorded live in June 2014 at a funday in the park event to a packed out audience.
Show 1
Plate Pole
Thimble Stars
Crocodile Vent Puppet
Puzzle Prediction
Hide & Seek
Rope Tricks
Animal Couples
Starcle Over The Head
Turtle Vent Puppet
Arm Guillotine
Cheeky Monkey Vent
Show 2
Pencil Madness
Colouring Book
Silk Thru Mirror
Topsy Bottles
Spelling Game
Linking Rings
Cheeky Monkey Vent Puppet 2
Running Time: 1 hours, 22 minutes
Family Magic & Puppet Shows 2014 £8
DVD Download


Balloon School - DVD
Instructional DVD that teaches 33 different Modelling Balloon creations. Most of which are single balloon animals which Stephen gives out to the children at the end of his show. He also discusses his A1 Balloon Poster / A-Frame backdrop and provides the PSD and JPEG file for it for you to make your own. Almost all the models feature both front and over the shoulder shots of the creation process.
1. Dog
2. Hat
3. Ladybird Bracelet
4. Rabbit
5. Parrot
6. Ray Gun
7. Sword
8. Butterfly
9. Spiderman
10. Flower
11. Aeroplane
12. Giraffe
13. Mouse
14. Butterfly Bracelet
15. Turtle Bracelet
16. Quick Sword
17. Machine Gun
18. Parrot On Swing
19. Guitar
20. Fish
21. T-Rex
22. Frog
23. Horse
24. Reindeer
25. Axe
26. Heart
27. Dog Bracelet
28. Bee Bracelet
29. Teddy Bear
30. Crocodile
31. Dragon
32. Monkey In Tree
33. Helicopter
Running Time: 2 hours, 37 minutes
Balloon School £8
DVD Download


Traffic Lights - DVD


You produce three different coloured gaming counters, manipulate them from hand to hand, to the mouth, and from the pocket. Then they magically transform into a multi-coloured ball.  

There are no gimmicks involved and no extra counters. This routine uses pure sleight-of-hand with just the three counters you produce. The same routine can also be done with three ordinary coins making it a perfect impromptu performance of magic. Also taught is a three-stage one coin / counter routine.

Includes coloured counters and final load ball.

Running Time: 38 minutes

Traffic Lights - £10
DVD & Props


The Parasol Act - DVD

The Parasol Act was the opening routine in my children's show between 2008 and 2013. It was also featured in my competition act and adult cabaret shows. The routine taught on this DVD was perfected primarily for children. It required no jacket, no restrictive holders, could be performed wearing a short-sleeve shirt and almost surrounded.

Understand that I had learned a complicated parasol manipulation act but found it impractical for the real world due to angle issues, body loading time, restrictive movements and drop-outs. I also didn't want to wear a jacket. This routine was developed as a solution to all these problems. I can walk onto the stage and perform a ten minute act (or longer) without fear of anything slipping out or flashing, yet still go into the routine whenever I wanted.

For the main act, I produce five single parasols, and a final triple giant parasol after manipulating cocktail umbrellas. While you are free to use the entire routine as taught, know that it is played heavily for comedy with children and while I do teach my entire competition act that was done for adults, what you will learn the most from this project is the holder I use, how I lock them in place, how I display them after producing so they are out of the way, the flow of the routine from thimbles to silk to parasols, the various finishes and the speed and ease of the set-up. What you will learn are all the day-to-day tips I picked up from performing this act over 150 times to audiences below and around me. 

All the moves can be performed by any person of any size or height or waistline, without having to wear any additional clothing. The only restriction is that your shirt must be tucked out at the back (or wear a jacket).

There are five live performances of the act in front of a real audience before the full explanation. 

Running Time: 1 hour, 10 minutes.

The Parasol Act £8
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Magic School Vol.1 - DVD

This DVD features several tricks that Stephen teaches to children in his magic workshops and in one-on-one magic lessons for adults. They are all simple to master and great for any beginner in magic.

Impossible Jigsaw
Puzzle pieces are eliminated until your left with just one, the missing piece of the jigsaw.
Two Into One
Two pieces of string merge into one long piece.
A random number is created by the spectator, which amazingly opens a sealed lock.
A row of dominos is made and the end two numbers match your prediction.
Straw Thru Straw
Two straws wrapped around each other, magically separate.
Hair Ties change places and pass through the spectators arm.
Static Straw
Make a straw mysteriously move using the powers of your mind!
Chap Stick
Two chap sticks pass through each other and turn around.
Computer Cards
The spectator thinks of a number, yet you can read their mind and tell them what they are thinking.
Calculated List
The spectator does a little math to chose a picture which you have already predicted.
Coin In Bottle
Make a coin penetrate a sealed bottle.
Balance a can on its edge, a belt of a hook and two forks on a glass.
Five Card Turnover
A clip is placed on the middle card but jumps when turned over.
Finger Thru Banknote
Your finger tears through a banknote, yet leaves it unharmed.
Mind Reading Card Trick
The spectator thinks of a card yet you know what their thinking.
Ring Tricks
A ring magically appears and then jumps from finger to finger.
Legs Thru Floor
Make a friends legs feel like there going through the floor.
Suspended Water
You can make water stay inside an upside down, open bottle.
Playing Cards Match
Eight picture cards mixed up, mysteriously find their partners.
Hidden Object
An object is hidden under 1 of 3 cups, yet you know where it is.
Endless Chain
A game with a chain is played where you win every time.

Running Time: 2 hours, 12 minutes

Magic School Vol.1 £8
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Magic School Vol.2 - DVD
This DVD features tricks that Stephen teaches over a course of lessons, and are often used as a showcase piece in a talent show at the end of the course. They are all simple to master and great for any beginner in magic.

Guess Who
Characters are eliminated until your left with one, that matches your prediction.

Ten Card List
Using the card in the data folder, you can read a persons mind

Vanishing Me
Using the template found in the data folder, make a person vanish.

Grid Prediction
A random number is calculated which matches your prediction.

Unburstable Balloon
A needle is pushed into a balloon, but wont pop until you want it to.

Broken Skewer
A skewer is broken inside a towel, yet magically restores.

Key to the Ring
A key is hidden amongst others, yet you can find it through touch alone.

Light Heavy Boxes
Somehow lifting one box is heavier than lifting three.

Five Away Cards
A simple card trick where you find the chosen card, with multiple stages. 

Spelling Bee
You are able to find all eight cards by simply spelling them out.

Coin Thru Hanky
A coin magically passes through a handkerchief.

Candy Sticks
You can make eight candy stick boxes balance on top of each other.

Pencil Thru Handkerchief
A pencil is poked through a handkerchief, yet leaves it unharmed.

Travelling Cash
Money moves from one pile to another pile invisibly through the air!

Out to Lunch
The stickman drawn on a signed business card mysteriously vanishes.

Hanky Thru Arm
A hanky is tied around the spectators hand, yet it passes straight through.

Safety Pin Thru Hanky
A pin is pushed and torn through a hanky, yet it is left unharmed.

Ralphs Trick
A picture vanishes from three cards and appears on the spectators card.

Rising Ring on Band
A ring rises upwards along an elastic band.

Banana Split
Using your telekinesis chop, you slice a banana in pieces, while still in the skin.

Magic Envelope
A card s torn to pieces, placed into the envelope, then magically restores.

Vanishing Coin
A coin is counted, seen and heard going into the hand, yet it has vanished.

Business Card Printer
Two cards are shown blank on both sides, then become printed.

Rope Thru Body
You are able to make a rope pass through the spectators body.

Ten Card Poker
A simple game of poker is played, but you somehow win every time.

Running Time: 2 hours, 11 minutes

Magic School Vol.2 £8
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Magic School - Best Off - DVD
This DVD features Stephen's favourite episodes of my Magic School Web Series. They are all simple to master and great for any beginner in magic.
1. Psychic Crayon
You know what colour crayon you are holding from feel alone.
2. Legs Thru Floor
Make a friend's legs feel like there going through the floor.
3. Optical Tricks
Make a sausage appear, your finger shrink and a hole in your hand.
4. Two Into One
Two small pieces of string merge into one long piece.
5. Jumping Bands
Make hair ties jump from finger to finger.
6. Thumb Through Ear
Make your thumb pass through your ear lobe.
7. Mind Reading Card Trick
The spectator thinks of a card yet you know what their thinking.
8. Five Card Turnover
Place the paperclip on the middle card, yet it jumps to the end.
9. Static Straw
Make a straw mysteriously move using the powers of your mind!
10. Five Away Cards
Find the spectators chosen card in a magical way.
11. Coin In Bottle
Make a coin penetrate a sealed bottle.
12. Finger Thru Banknote
Your finger tears through a banknote, yet leaves it unharmed.
13. Domino
Predict the two end numbers of a domino chain.
14. Hidden Object
An object is hidden under 1 of 3 cups, yet you know where it is. 
15. Linking Shoelaces
The middle of two shoelaces melt through each other and link.
16. Playing Cards Match
Eight picture cards mixed up, mysteriously find their partners.
17. Straw Thru Straw
Two straws wrapped around each other, magically separate.
18. Shoelace Thru Finger
A shoelace wrapped around your friend's finger passes through it.
19. Stretchy
Large hair ties change places and pass through the spectators arm.
20. Ring Tricks
A ring magically appears and then jumps from finger to finger.
21. Swings and Circles
Make a ring on a pendant move by the power of your mind!
22. Rising Ring on Band
Make a ring move magically uphill on its own.
23. Grid Prediction
Predict the total of four chosen numbers.
24. Chap Stick
Make chap sticks turn around and pass through each other.

Running Time: 2 hours, 4 minutes

Magic School - Best Off £5
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Learn A Magic Trick - DVD


This DVD features over 40 simple, easy-to-learn magic tricks that you can master in minutes and perform for your family and friends. Split over 30 chapters with a full animated index menu, it is easy to jump straight to the tricks you want to learn and with close-up shots to see all the special moves, you'll be performing these trick in no-time.  

This feature is suitable for both adults and children. All the effects require items found around the home and include magic such as the pen through a banknote which can be seen below. 4:3 Ratio. The effects you will learn include:

1. Pencil Through Banknote
2. Crazy Compass
3. Paddle Sticks
4. Amazing Colour Prediction
5. Connecting Paperclips
6. Jumping Bands
7. Optical Tricks
8. Joining Paperclips
9. Pencil Tricks
10. Pen Tricks
11. Object Vanish
12. Band Through Thumb
13. Swings & Circles
14. Penetrating Matches
15. Dice Prediction
16. Calculated Dice
17. Instant Ice
18. Cut Here
19. Balancing Coins
20. Sugarcube Phenomena
21. Ghost Writing
22. Cut & Restored String
23. Torn & Restored Card
24. Booktest
25. Shake, Rattle & Roll
26. Afghan Rings
27. 4 Ace Trick
28. Hanky Tricks
29. Thumb Thru Ear

Running Time: 2 hours, 26 minutes

Learn a Magic Trick £5
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Don't Believe Your Eyes: The Lecture - DVD

Recorded July 2013, this is Stephen's lecture he performs at WI, Over 50's social groups, rotary clubs, magic societies, cruise ships, schools and colleges. It is a look at how our eyes are deceived through the art of magic, optical illusions, camouflage, deceptive techniques and misdirection. While an interesting lecture in its own right, it usefulness to magicians is as an educational resource of an example of what to do in these types of venues to obtain midweek work.

This is a static camera on a tripod recording. I used editing features to zoom in and enhance the video, however don't expect high production value.

Running Time: 50 minutes

Don't Believe Your Eyes: The Lecture £8


2012 Children's Magic & Puppet Shows - DVD

This DVD contains two x 40 minute magic & puppet shows that were recorded at a public funday in April 2012. Both shows were performed on a muddy field, in the rain under a marquee. The cameras were hand-held throughout the performance. However, both shows went fantastic and they showcase my current performing persona, along with my new back-drops, costume and overall branding makeover for this year. Also included are numerous new routines and tricks and both shows contain completely different effects.

Also included is a small twenty minute lecture I did on iPhone magic, performing and then educating a group of magicians on tricks that can be performed with an iPhone.

Non-Region Encoded. PAL Video Format.

2012 Children's Magic & Puppet Shows £5


2013 Family Magic & Puppet Shows in the Park - DVD

This DVD contains two x 40 minute magic & puppet shows that were recorded at a public funday in April 2012. Both shows were performed on a muddy field, in the rain under a marquee. The cameras were hand-held throughout the performance. However, both shows went fantastic and they showcase my current performing persona, along with my new back-drops, costume and overall branding makeover for this year. Also included are numerous new routines and tricks and both shows contain completely different effects.

Also included is a small twenty minute lecture I did on iPhone magic, performing and then educating a group of magicians on tricks that can be performed with an iPhone.

Non-Region Encoded. PAL Video Format.

2013 Family Magic & Puppet Shows £5


Christmas Magic Show 2009 - DVD

This is a complete performance of Stephen's Christmas themed magic show in 2009. In the show, he is dressed as an Elf and performs numerous Christmas themed tricks such as the mutilated Santa Umbrella and Appearing Christmas Tree Lights. The show lasts for over an hour before Stephen then talks through the effects he performed, how you can build them and other points such as show structure and dealing with distractions.

Technical: The first routine was my thimble manipulation but due to a technical fault with both cameras, it was not recorded entirely at the show itself. I have however included the same routine from a birthday party show to replace the missing footage.

Running time: 2 hours. 4:3 Ratio. Non-Region Encoded. PAL Video Format

Christmas Magic Show 2009 £5


Wedding Magic - The Discussion - DVD

We discuss the business side of weddings such as how to get the work through wedding fayres and what to expect when you get there.  Stephen hosts the discussion with Kris Naylor and Nemed Phoenix, two other professional magicians who share their insight on working a wedding and answer numerous questions such as: When is the best time to perform for the bride & groom? How do you get the children to stop following you? Where is the best place to set up at a wedding Fayre? What should you wear? How early do you arrive? The wedding is running late, what do you do?

These and many more questions are finally answered in this discussion that goes into great detail about working the wedding market.

Running Time: 1 hour, 40 minutes

Wedding Magic - The Discussion £5