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About Stephen

I have been performing magic & puppet shows professionally since 1998 throughout Stockport and Greater Manchester, along with Cruise Ships and Holiday Parks around the world.

I have won four major competitions including the North West Championships of Magic. In 2009, I was featured on Britain's Got Talent. I host my own web series with over 200 episodes and have written & produced over fifty books and DVDs on magic which are sold at shops around the world.

I am 37 years old and perform approximately 200 shows each year.


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Magic Workshop

Magc WorkshopStephen has been performing magic lessons / workshops at birthday parties, schools and after-school clubs since 2007.

He ran his own magic school in America and has written numerous books and DVDs on the art of teaching magic to complete beginners. He has taught magic at summer camps, over 50's social groups and at holiday clubs.

One-on-one lesson

Stephen offers one to one tuition for students to learn magic that lasts approximately an hour. This can focus on a particular area of magic if the student has an idea of what they want to learn (such as card tricks, bar bets, mentalism etc.) or they can learn a variety of different effects from all branches such as ring manipulation, mind-reading and dice effects.

A one-on-one lesson is available to be booked at any time on a weekday (it is not available at weekends). It is often requested as a birthday present and for work appreciation sessions.

You are welcome to book a series of lessons or just a single lesson. If the student has an idea of what they wish to learn more off, let me know and I will do my best to teach tricks based on that theme.


Group Workshop

Magic WorkshopStephen offers a 60 minute Introductory to Magic workshop, where he teaches a selection of simple tricks that can be performed with very little practice.

The number of tricks we get through will depend on the number of students, but is usually about ten effects. All the props that are required to perform the tricks are given away to the learners to keep and continue practicing with at home.

The effects taught will include feeling colours, restoring a broken piece of string, balancing a wand on your fingertips and making your legs melt through the floor.

The class can cater for up 40 students and it can be done in the living room of your home, village halls, school classrooms and halls. They are great for after-school parties during the week and for the older children who wish to learn some magic to show their family and friends.


After-School Clubs

Magic WorkshopStephen has taught at a number of after-school clubs around Stockport and Manchester. Most courses last eight weeks, with one lesson each week. However you can book as many lessons as you require. The maximum number of children is 40 in each class.

He adapts each lesson so that it is the most suitable for your school, depending on the age of the children and number of students in attendance.

When performing a weekly magic class, each class will be structured around a different area of magic. A rough idea of the core structure is:

Week 1: An introduction to magic
Week 2: Sleight of hand
Week 3: Card Tricks
Week 4: Ring and Money Magic
Week 5: Simple Toys
Week 6: Mind-Reading
Week 7: Impromptu Magic
Week 8: Recap and Polish

Most of the props required for the tricks are given to the children to continue practicing at home. Some of these classes will include a complete magic set, while others will take advantage of what is readily available around the home.


Adult Workshops

Workshop 1In the Magic & Mentalism workshop, I teach a selection of simple tricks that can be performed with very little practice, but are mind-boggling to see. The tricks taught in this workshop are best suitable for adults, and include simple mathematics or memory work.

Upon performing the effect, the audience is challenged to work out how its done, before it is revealed and taught for the audience to perform themselves.

This workshop is often provided for Over 50 Social Groups, Team-Building days and local resident meetings. 

The number of tricks we get through will depend on the number of students, but usually it is around eight effects. All the props that are required to perform the tricks are given away to the learners to keep and continue practicing with at home.


Teenagers Workshop

Magic WorkshopFor children aged between 9 and 16, the normal magic show may not be suitable, in which case the magic workshop is definitely a good way to go. I teach a variety of 'street' effects, made popular by David Blaine and Derren Brown. Most of the effects are easy to learn, but require some practice to master. They include several mind-treading effects, optical effects along with coin and card tricks.

The workshop can last all-day if needed, but most often I am asked to do just 60 minutes at Youth clubs. I also do a lot of these at secondary school after-school clubs, bar mitzvahs, and end-of-school term parties.


School Enrichment Day

Magic WorkshopThis is a full day of magic from the beginning of the school day to the end with just one class of children. The day starts with easy magic and gradually progresses in difficulty. It is only suitable for secondary schools and will run in accordance with your scheduled breaks and lunchtime.

The day usually ends with a circus skills workshop, where the children will try activities such as plate spinning, stilt walking and peacock feather balancing.

An example structure of the day:

8-45am - 8-50am Students arrive, we do the register.
8-50am - 9-30am Optical Tricks & Body Tricks (eight effects taught)
9-30am - 10-00am Elastic Band Tricks (three effects taught)
10-00am - 10-30am Counting Tricks (four effects taught)
10-30am - 10-50am Break
10-50am - 11-30am Card Tricks (three effects taught)
11-30am - 12noon Mind Reading Effects (three tricks taught)
12noon - 12-30noon Britain's Got Talent Story & Small Performance
12-30noon - 1-30pm Lunch
1-30pm - 2-00pm Tricks with Games and Toys (3 tricks taught)
2-00pm -2-30pm Tricks with a Calculator, IPhone or iPod (4 tricks taught)
2-30pm - 3pm Ring Manipulation (5 tricks taught)
3pm - 3-45pm Circus Skills Workshop

All the props for all the effects are given free to the children so they can continue practicing at home and perform for their family and friends.

Stephen prefers to work in a room with lots of space, such as the drama studio or hall. There are several effects that require the children to lie down and the circus skills workshop works best when there is space to play in. However it can be performed in a classroom if needed. Since this is a full day session, chairs will be needed for the children to sit on. However we won't need any tables.

At least one teacher must be present at all times.


Cost & Availability

I work approximately 25 miles around Stockport and Greater Manchester.

Because there are numerous types of workshops and events described above, an accurate costs cannot be given without more information. But to give a general idea, a one-off booking for a group magic workshop is £165.

If you are a school looking at booking eight lessons across eight weeks, that usually works out at £560.

Private tuition (one-on-one) is £45 per lesson. 

Testimonials and reviews for my shows can be found on my Testimonial page along with Netmums, Google Businesses and Facebook.