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About Stephen

I have been performing my magic and puppet show professionally since 1998 throughout Stockport and Greater Manchester, along with Cruise Ships and Holiday Parks around the world.

I have won four major competitions including the North West Championships of Magic. In 2009, I was featured on Britain's Got Talent, I host my own web series with over 200 episodes, and have written and produced over fifty books and DVDs on magic which are sold at shops around the world.

I am 36 years old and performs approximately 200 shows each year.



DBS, PLI, Forms, Posters

The CRB / DBS forms are for staff positions covering a long period of time (not a one-of engagement) where they are expected to be left alone with children (which should never happen when hiring me). It is not a required document for entertainers putting on a one-off show.

Venue owners and some schools have policies to request this document, not knowing that they are breaching the Data Protection Act. Please contact the DBS to check who can ask for the form and who you can request it from; as children's entertainers are not on that list.

However, I have been checked numerous times as a secondary school teacher, as a holiday park entertainer and cruise ship magician. The following DBS and CRB are here purely for your peace of mind.

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DBS: dbs-large.jpg

CRB: crb-large.jpg


Public Liability Insurance (PLI)

My insurance is through Simply Business. It is renewed each year on the 30th November. The 2016-2017 document is here:

PLI: pli.pdf


Risk Assessment

The following Risk Assessment is purely to facilitate paperwork for those that require it. However I am the entertainer only and not the event manager, venue landlord, parental guardian to any children or security guard. It is not my job to fix your premises problems if there are any or discipline misbehaving children. I am hired to perform a show only and its up to the client or parent to fix such issues as needed.  




These are all A1 size photos, with boxes to put info like: date, time, venue, ticket info etc.They are very large files, so only access on a PC (not a tablet). Right click and save target as...



Party Invitation
If you wish to print off some party invitations, Stephen has designed one below which you are most welcome to use:


Promotional Pictures

Below are numerous promotional pictures you can use for whatever advertising you may require them for. Right click, and save target as...